Kine-san no Hitori de Cinema (Chapter 6 Script)

Chapter Title: Back to the Future

[***Hito sorezore=to each their own]

[TL Note: It’s worth mentioning that this chapter connects heavily to the next one in a couple of ways. One, Machiko’s pushing BttF onto Satou is a key impetuous for Satou’s actions in chapter 7 (specifically, the curry analogy Machiko makes comes back to bite her).]
[Two, the phrase “hito sorezore” and its variants appears in this chapter several times. It is also used as a key punchline twice in chapter 7 and is revealed in chapter 10 to be a catchphrase of Machiko’s from high school that she’s really embarrassed about now.]
[Thus, I’m going to try and keep consistency and preserve the central joke in chapter 7 and the connections to chapter 10 by keeping some variant of “to each their own” in each line that uses “hito sorezore”, even if it leads to slightly less smooth wording.]

Page: 123

Machiko: It’s already been about 2 months since this woman settled in with me.

FX: Chew (x2)

Narration: This woman

Machiko: has, at last found her new place, and is 3 days away from her move-out.

Machiko: It’s surprising you have so many belongings, considering you came here with just one suitcase.

Satou: Is it really ok for me to borrow your car?

Machiko: Well, it’s my brother’s.

Machiko: It’s a one-bedroom apartment and all. I can laugh off that we’ve been sleeping in the same room,
[TL Note: Machiko’s apartment is a 1LDK, an apartment with one bedroom plus a living room, dining room, and kitchen.]

Satou: Stop cheating on me-

Machiko: and the morning race for the bathroom.

Machiko: You _better not_ be pooping!

Satou: Stop it!

FX: Pound (x3)

Machiko: But there is one thing that goes beyond the pale.
Machiko: Why, since coming into my house and being surrounded by this mountain of treasures,

Machiko: why…

Page: 124

Machiko: hasn’t she watched any movies?

TV: What’s with that?

TV: Ahahaha

*Chapter 6: Back to the Future*

Page: 125

Machiko: She only watched a movie in this house that one time,

Machiko: and hasn’t been to the movie theater since that other time.

Machiko: Even though I took up her question about Star Wars, she ended up not watching.

Machiko: Watch order… Let’s see, hmm.

Satou: Nevermind, I’m fine.

FX: Shock

Machiko: I might not want her to flat out ask me, “Do you have any interesting movies?”
Machiko: but it’s not like I don’t have any recommendations.

FX: Bam

Machiko: Can you feel this unnecess…troubled ner…maiden
Machiko: heart of mine!?

Machiko: Hey, Satou. You’re welcome to
Machiko: watch any of the movies over there. You being shy?
[Alt I: watch any of the movies over there. Were you holding back?]

Satou: Not really.

Machiko: I… is there anything you want to watch? You can watch for free, whatever you like.

FX: Grit

Satou: Hm~…

Page: 126

Satou: Ah, that one seems interesting.

FX: Happy

Machiko: Which one?

Satou: Back to the Future

Machiko: Y…you’ve never seen Back to the Future?

Satou: Yeah…

Machiko: What is this…? I can’t believe I let such a woman live in my mansion of movies…

Satou: What’s wrong!?

Page: 127

Machiko: Let’s take Terminator and Star Wars, for example.

Machiko: Both are awesome, but I can understand if they’re tough sells to some.

Narration: Violence!!

Narration: Space Fantasy!!

Machiko: But Back to the Future has youth! Romance! Action! Friendship!

FX: Tadaa!

Machiko: An all-around movie that appeals to young and old, man and woman, everyone!

Machiko: If it were a food, it’d be curry!
Machiko: There’s noone who hasn’t tried it or hasn’t liked it, right?
Machiko: Even my mom had praise for it!!

Mom: This movie was interesting-. Machiko, you should watch movies like this from now on.

FX: Tousle (x3)

Narration: One word too many

Satou: I don’t know your mom, anyways…

Machiko: Had I known you hadn’t seen it,
Machiko: I would have pulled that out rather than Bad Boys II…

FX: Sigh

FX: Irk

Satou: To each their own preference, no?

Satou: Bad Boys was interesting, I regret nothing.

Machiko: …Y, you’re right… I shouldn’t push it onto you. I’m sorry…

Page: 128

Machiko: Right… It’s not good to push things on people.

Machiko: Middle school was a dark age for me.

Crowd: Eh, you don’t watch dramas?

Crowd: What about Hakusen Nagashi?
[TL Note: A drama that aired from January-March 1996.]

Crowd: What about Long Vacation?
[TL Note: A drama that aired from April-June 1996.]

Crowd: You should watch it. Why aren’t you watching?

Crowd: You don’t know Glay? What about Puffy?
[TL Note: Glay is a J-rock band, Puffy is a J-rock/pop duo. Both were popular in the 1990s and onward.]

Crowd: What do you normally listen to?

Crowd: Movie soundtracks? Talk about out there.
[Alt I: Movie soundtracks? Wow, I don’t get you at all.]

Crowd: What comedians do you like?

Crowd: Who’s Leslie Nielsen?
[TL Note: Leslie Nielsen is a comedic actor particularly famous for Airplane and Naked Gun.]

Crowd: Are you dropping names we don’t know on purpose?

Machiko: There’s nothing more agonizing than having others push their likes onto you.

Machiko: That said, it’s more than possible to communicate with others
Machiko: by following along with popular topics.

[TL Note: For the upcoming text, it’s bubbles first, then interjections.]
Crowd: You go to the theater alone?
Crowd: Wow, you must be lonely.
Crowd: Eh? I’ve never heard of a single one of those movies.
Crowd: Why are you only watching foreign movies?
Crowd: Those all seem like movies for otaku.
Crowd: Do you not watch Japanese ones?
Crowd: That’s just like that one serial killer.
Crowd: Aren’t subtitles, like, really boring?
Crowd: Ew, don’t go killing us.

[TL Note: Interjections from here on]
Crowd: Eh-
Crowd: Why-
Crowd: Lonely-
Crowd: Kyah-
Crowd: Ew-
Crowd: Scary-
Crowd: Ahahahaha

Machiko: But before I polished my skills in that area, it was something that was impossible for me.

Machiko: In Back to the Future terms, these girls who suddenly came out to shame me would be Biff Tannen.
Machiko: A bunch of girl Biffs!!

Crowd: McFly~

Machiko: Sadly, nobody came from the future to save me from these girl Biffs.

Page: 129

Machiko: Aaah. Even so. Even so, why!?
Machiko: Why did I try to peg myself as a movie buff so blatantly?

Magazine: Star Log

Machiko’s Narration: Me, very clearly opening a movie magazine and reading it in the classroom.

Machiko: NOOOOOOOO! It’s embarrassinggggg!!

Machiko: Or was it because I had my pubescent pride goading me
Machiko: to show that my hobby really was the best there was?

Machiko’s Narration: Me, bringing recorded copies of the movies I’d recommend even though I didn’t have a single friend to recommend them to.

Machiko: Please just let me dieeeeeeee!!

Machiko: Pushing your hobbies onto others kills the other person as much as it does you…

FX: Quiver (x3)

Machiko: But the me from back then isn’t the one here now. Now I’m a lady who’s splendidly absorbed the customs of society.

Machiko: I can guide her to it without straight pushing it on to her!!

Page: 130

Machiko: But you see, Satou, Back to the Future is interesting. Shall we watch it?

FX: Ufufu

Satou: Hm~~…

Satou: Maybe next time.

FX: Crack

Machiko: You bratttt~ Just when will next time be!?
Machiko: You’ll probably never watch another movie again after leaving this house!

Machiko: Growlllll

Machiko: If I let my roommate leave without recing Back to the Future to her
Machiko: it’d be a blemish on my title as a movie buff.
[Alt I: I wouldn’t be able to call myself a cinephile.]

Machiko: I’ve got to do this naturally, smoothly

Machiko: I’ll stimulate that woman such that she wants to see it.

Page: 131

Narration: Mission 1

Machiko: The weather seems bad. Hope the laundry will be alright. By the way, this year of 2015 was also depicted in Back to the Future Part II…

FX: Rattle (x3)

Narration: Naturally mix Back to the Future into daily conversation.

Satou: Why’s she suddenly talking about movies…

Narration: Mission 2

Machiko: My bad. I sent that by mistake. <musical note>

Narration: Disguise the preview as a mistaken message and send it via text.

Satou: What mistake did she have to make to send a video…?

Narration: Mission 3

Case: Back to

Case: Back to

Narration: Leave the software in places where it’s visible.

Narration: Just the case

Case: Back to the Future

Page: 132

Machiko: I’ll use all of the above subliminal techniques to imprint Back to the Future into Satou’s brain,
Machiko: An-d-th-en-

Narration: Final Mission

FX: Whirr

Machiko: Start watching it in front of her!!

Machiko: Ah~ It’s been a while, I guess I’ll watch Back to the Future~

FX: Peek (x2)

Satou: You’re going to watch a movie now?

Machiko: Gotcha!

Satou: Then I’ll take the first bath.

Page: 133

Machiko: WHAT

Machiko: IS

Machiko: WITH

Machiko: YOUUUUUU!!

FX: Slide

Machiko: Is it because you’re sexually stunted!? Because you’re one of the apathy generation?
[TL Note: The “shirake sedai”/”apathy generation” is another name for the Japanese generation born in the 1970s.]
Machiko: Wouldn’t you normally want to see it a little after all that!? Because you should!!

Satou: Are you maybe talking about Back to the Future?

Machiko: Yes, I am! If you got the urge to watch Hrrison Ford’s Witness here, it’d be so amazing I’d be moved to tears!!
[Tl Note: Witness is a 1985 mystery/thriller movie starring Harrison Ford.]

Page: 134

Satou: To each their own viewing choices, right?

FX: Glare

Machiko: Uh…

Satou: Kine, somehow you seem, you’re being a bit…

Machiko: Wh, what…?

FX: Rumble

Satou: Annoying.

FX: Pout

Narration: Machiko

FX: Grip

Machiko: Ah…Aah……The person who, despite the fact she was just my coworker, not only came barging into my house in the middle of the night to talk about her husband’s two-timing,
Machiko: but also came to freeload at my house the very same day, the most annoying woman I’ve known in my entire life,
Machiko: is not calling me annoying……For real?

Satou: That’s awful, Kine! Is that how you’ve always thought!!?

Page: 135

Machiko: Of course it is!

Machiko: How much of my precious movie time do you think was wasted because of you!!?

Satou: If I hadn’t been there when you had that summer cold, you might have died!

FX: Ding-a-ling

Text: From: Kine Machiko
Text: Thanks for that- <pouty emoji>

Satou: If you’re going to be that blithe about it, I’m leaving!

Machiko: Now!? Eh, wait, where are you going!!?

Satou: I already got the key from my room, so I’m moving in tonight. Thank you for putting up with me!

Machiko: Huh!? What are you thinking, it’s the middle of the night.

Machiko: I get it, I’ll get the car so wait a minute!

Satou: I’ll be just fine!

Machiko: I already promised so just let me get the car!

Page: 136

FX: Vroooom

FX: Tense-

Machiko: What? Is this my fault somehow?

Machiko: Well, I guess I shouldn’t have hit her with the flying cross chop.

Machiko: All I wanted to do was have the movies I thought were interesting acknowledged.

Machiko: That time, too…

Biff girl #1: Ah-! Kine brought in a porno-!!

MS Machiko: I, it’s not!

Biff girl #1: How dirty-

MS Machiko: It’s a movie!

Biff girl #1: Back to the Future? I think I’ve heard of it. Is it interesting?

Biff girl #2: It was on TV a little while ago, right?

Biff girl #3: Was it an action movie?

Biff girl #4: Wasn’t it sci-fi? The one with the time machine.

Biff girl #5: Eh~ Seems kinda mixed-up.

Page: 137

MS Machiko: Th, that’s not the case at all. The protagnist goes back in time and his mom falls for him,
MS Machiko: and then

Biff girl #1: Heh- That sounds interesting.

MS Machiko: Yes! Yes! I’ll lend it to you if you want, so give it a-

Biff girl #1: I’m good. Seems nerdy.

Crowd: 2 hours is way too long-

Crowd: Let’s go do karaoke-

Crowd: Ahahaha

FX: Clack

Page: 138


Satou: Eeeh!?

Machiko: To heeeellll with “to each their own”.
Machiko: I’ve used it as a pretense to put out flame wars online,
Machiko: but I’ve never thought that way even a little bit, ever!!

Satou: Eeeeeh!?

Machiko: Because movies are the best!
Machiko: Movies are the most superior hobby in the world,

Machiko: and the movies I think are interesting are the best there are!!

Satou: Kine, in front, in front!

FX: Screeeeeech

Page: 139

Machiko: So everyone should!
Machiko: You, Satou, and those girls, too!

FX: Bang (x2)

Machiko: Should be watching Back to the Future!!

Satou: Just who are ‘those girls’!?

Machiko: The girls I really hated back in middle school!!

Satou: Why did you want to show it to people you hated!? You could really just ignore them!!

FX: Vroooom

Machiko: Eh?

Machiko: That’s…well…It’s this thing.

Machiko: Regardless of who it is, having someone enjoy your recommendation is a good feeling, no?

Machiko: I mean, when you enjoyed Bad Boys II, I was plenty hap…

Page: 140

Machiko: No, honestly it frustrated me.

Satou: Eeh!?

Machiko: I mean, you enjoyed it in a completely different way than I did.

Machiko: And you said what you wanted to say, then just up and left.

Machiko: There was a lot that I wanted to say then, too.

Machiko: Couldn’t you have at least asked, “well, then, what did you find interesting?”

Satou: Chuckle
Satou: Fufu, I see. That’s why you showed me that movie.

Machiko: Wh, why are you laughing!?

Page: 141

Satou: You just wanted to talk about it.

Page: 142

Machiko: Th!

Machiko: I want a friend I can talk with about movieeeeesssss!!

Machiko: That’s….

ES Machiko: Mommy, mommy. What did you like about Back to the Future!? I! I!!

Mom: Okay, okay. Let’s talk a little later-

College Girl #1: I heard you liked movies, so I guess I expected something better. I’m honestly feeling let down.

FX: Shut

Machiko: The internet is shit!!

Biff girl #1: I’m good. Seems nerdy.

Page: 143

Machiko: I see…
Machiko: I hated those people.

Machiko: But I wanted them to watch movies.

Machiko: I wanted them to watch, and to hear their impressions. And then,

Machiko: I wanted to share my impressions with them.

Machiko: Of course, it would have irked me if they said it wasn’t interesting.

Screen: Back to the Future
Screen: 1985
Screen: Rental, HD/SD
Screen: 300 yen~

Machiko: And it would have been a pain if they read the movie a different way.

Machiko: Even so, I…

Page: 145

Machiko: wanted to talk about movies with someone.

Page: 146

FX: Boot

Machiko/Satou: Huh?

Satou: Mr. Landlord, what do you mean you’re voiding my lease!?

Satou: That’s unfair!!

Landlord: Unfair?

Landlord: Just what is unfair!? You were arguing loudly late at night the day before you were scheduled to move in!!
Landlord: You’re not getting through this door again!!

Machiko: Why you always think about the fine details so much!? Can’t you just leave it at, “Really interesting, yeah boi-!!”

Satou: Kine, you don’t think about these things enough. You’re not an elementary schooler!!

FX: Pound (x4)

FX: Complain (x3)

Page: 147

FX: Shut

Satou: Kine…

Machiko: Whaht?
[TL Note: slurred to match original dialogue.]

Satou: The future is, as ever, an unwritten book.
[TL Note: The original literal text is “the future is always a blank sheet of paper”, but that doesn’t play as well.]

Machiko: Shut yer trap.

FX: Ba-n bana banbanba ba~n
[TL Note: Rough approximation of the Back to the Future theme]

Text: To be continued…<arrow mark>?

Text: Reality

FX: Snore

Narration: Sleeping until they’re sober enough to drive.

Page: 148

*Director’s Cut: Chapter 6*

Machiko: You’ve never seen Die Hard!?

Machiko: You’ve never seen The Godfather!?

Machiko: You’ve never seen Lord of the Rings!?

Machiko: Let’s watch a movie!!


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