Kine-san no Hitori de Cinema (Chapter 7 Script)

Starting with volume 2.

Chapter Title: Studio Ghibli Movies

Page: 004

Narration: Those who fight with monsters should look to it that they themselves do not become a monster. And if you gaze long into an abyss, the abyss also gazes into you.
[TL Note: “If you stare into the abyss, the abyss stares back at you.” There are several versions of this fairly famous quotation. I pulled this one from wikiquote.]

Narration: ~”Beyond Good and Evil” Friedrich Nietsche (1844-1900)~

Machiko: Wh…what? What’s up with everyone?
Machiko: Did I say something weird…?

Kudou: I mean, chief Kine, are you serious…?

Page: 005

Kudou: When you say you’ve never seen a Ghibli movie?

Chapter 7: Studio Ghibli Movies

Page: 006

Machiko: Yeah…

Page: 007-008

[TL Note: These two are a full-page spread, so I’m going to list the spoken words first, then the sound effects.]
Bartender: Hello, welcome-!
Bartender: Here you are, one hot sake!

Bartender: M, my apologies.
Patron: I’m telling you, the boss said-

[TL Note: From here on out it’s SFX, ordered from right to left position]
FX: Door sliding
FX: Chatter
FX: Uneasy
FX: Chatter

FX: Clink
FX: Uneasy
FX: Uneasy
FX: Ahaha

Page: 009

Subordinates: Ehhh-!!?

Sign: Izakaya Yuu
[Alt I: Pub Yuu]

Machiko: Why did it turn out like this…?

Machiko: I hadn’t been keeping up with all the drunk socializing going on lately,
Machiko: and I can’t turn down my cute subordinates every time they ask,

Machiko: so I loaded up my wallet with Yukichis and geared up for my first drinking party in a while.
[TL Note: Fukuzawa Yukichi was the founder of Keio University, among other things. He’s pictured on the 10,000 yen note. An equivalent expression in the US would be Benjamins.]

Machiko: Ghibli movies came up in the flow of the conversation, and I was casually asked,

Machiko: “Chief Kine, which Ghibli movie do you like the most?”

Machiko: and so, I answered thusly:

Machiko: “Sorry, I’ve never seen a single Ghibli movie before.”

Machiko: _and,_

Page: 010

Machiko: Here we are.

Machiko: From my experience living under false pretenses since those middle school dark ages,
Machiko: I’ve judged that it’s better to pretend to be someone who “doesn’t watch movies at all”

Machiko: rather than let my true nature spill out in casual conversation.

Kudou: Eh~~? You haven’t seen Frozen _or_ Harry Potter~!?

Machiko: That said, there’s not really a need to lie in this case.
Machiko: That’s right, regardless of my facade or anything, I really just

Machiko: have never watched a Ghibli movie.

Page: 011

Machiko: So saying this should put an end to things…

Machiko: Sorry. I just don’t really watch movies…

Subordinates: No, no, no, no, no.

Machiko: Huh?

FX: Rumble

Female/Tousled Subordinate: You would watch them!

Kudou: Normally, even people who don’t watch movies will watch Ghibli flicks!

Female/Straight Subordinate: Every Japanese person watched them!

Male/Glasses Subordinate: Did you not have a TV at home!?

Male/Blonde Subordinate: Was it for religious reasons!?

Male/Crew Subordinated: Were you forbidden by your physician!?

Machiko: Going a bit far with the rhetoric here, aren’t we!!?

Page: 012

Kudou: They show them on TV all the time…

Machiko: Yep, I know.

F/T Sub: Could it be you hate anime…?

Machiko: I just don’t really watch it.

M/B Sub: Did you resent how much power famous directors wield…?
[Alt I: Did you resent the directors for being so famous…?]
[TL Note: This line was difficult, both because the original text is wordy and the follow-up restricts the number of possible approaches.]

Machiko: I’m well past puberty.

Subs: Then why is it!?

Subs: Why!?

Subs: Why!?

Machiko: Why, you ask…
Machiko: Is it really? Is it really that weird? The reason I don’t watch Ghibli movies.

Machiko: That is to say…

Page: 013

Machiko: I don’t have any reason in particular~…
[Alt I: There isn’t really any special reason~…]

FX: Whistle

Page: 014

Machiko: Movie buffs are expected to have seen every famous movie in the world.
Machiko: And if you haven’t seen one of them, they’re like,

Narration: “Eh? You haven’t seen that masterwork?”

Machiko: …and, suddenly,

Machiko: you’re attacked as someone with _”no right to be a fan!”_

Rube #1: Gyah-

Mob: He says he’s never seen anything by Kurosawa or Hitchcock-!!

Rube #2: Yah-

Mob: You don’t get to talk about zombies if you haven’t seen anything by Romero or Fulci!
[TL Note: George A. Romero and Lucio Fulci are both famous directors of zombie films.]

Mob: There’s a girl over there running a movie blog despite having zero experience with Ghibli-!!

Machiko: It’s not that I hate them, I just never got in the mood to watch…

Machiko: Of course, if I were going to marathon a bunch of shitty zombie movies,


Machiko: I get that I might as well have watched a Ghibli movie or two.

Machiko: But I’m just more drawn to zombies than I am to Ghibli!
Machiko: Are we cinephiles because we watch materpieces?

FX: Stop

Machiko: NO!!

Page: 015

Machiko: We’re cinephiles because we watch whatever we damn well please!!



Machiko: normally I would have hit someone by now, but I’m concealing my true nature.

Machiko: And besides, they don’t mean wrong.

Machiko: Aah… They’re looking at me like they would at a Galapagos giant tortise…
[TL Note: The original text specifically references the Galapagos giant tortise.]

Kudou: How sad…

F/T Sub: Why hasn’t she seen them?

M/G Sub: Hey, why?

M/B Sub: How mysterious…

[TL Note: The interjections in this panel are deep background pasted from a panel in c6, so I’m skipping them.]

Machiko: I’ve got to change the topic, or else…

Machiko: it’s back to _the dark ages_ for me!!

Page: 016

Kudou: Everyone, cut it out!!

FX: Bang

Kudou: Can’t you see she’s flustered? She can’t help that she’s never seen any!

Narration: Kudou-chan

Machiko: Oh my, Kudou-chan, you’re so cool…

FX: Straight in the heart

Kudou: So, chief!

Kudou: Let’s all go to a karaoke place after this,

Kudou: and watch a Ghibli movie in one of their screening rooms!!

Page: 017

Machiko: I. Am. Machiko. A. Movie. Watching. Machine.
[TL Note: Machiko briefly begins speaking in katakana instead of hiragana here, a textual accompaniment to the visuals’ marking her response as a bit robotic.]

Machiko: I. Want. To. Talk. Movies. With. People.

Machiko: But. As. For. Watching. A. Movie. For. The. First. Time. _With._ People. Crazy. About. It.

Machiko: No. Way!!

FX: Kyah (x3)

Machiko: Well!
Machiko: It’s not as if I’ve ever done so!!

FX: Silence

Machiko: And these youngsters no doubt believe

Machiko: that anything that’s interesting to them should likewise entertain their boss.

FX: Sparkle (x2)

Machiko: And they’ll be opinion yakuza who won’t take “boring” for an answer.

F/S Sub: The chief said Ghibli was boring-

Kudou: Because she’s old, right-

F/T Sub: Oh, because she’s old

FX: Shock

Machiko: Answer anything but “interesting” and all you’ll get is death.

Narration: Has zero faith in her subordinates’ humanity.

Page: 018

Machiko: I give up! I’m activating my emergency escape plan!!

FX: Bzzzzzzzzt

Narration: Emergency escape plan

Phone: Satou, save me! Call me right away and act like it’s for work. Get me out of here!!
Phone: 22:14 Hitori de Cinema

Phone: What’s wrong?
Phone: Satou 22:15

Phone: I said I had never seen a Ghibli movie in the corner pub near the office, and now it’s a bloodbath.

FX: Rise

Machiko: Huh? There’s no reply?

Subordinates: Chief- (x2)

FX: Taptaptaptaptaptaptaptap

Machiko: Satou-san? Satou-saaaaaaaaaan!?

Narration: -5 minutes later

Page: 019

Subordinates: Wh, what’s with her? She came in so suddenly.

FX: Rumble

FX: Whisper (x3)

Subordinates: Isn’t she with the General Affairs department…?

Subordinates: Was her name Mizuki-san?

Machiko: Ev, everyone, this is our colleague…

Satou: It’s a pleasure. I’m _Satou_.

Page: 020

Machiko: Was there something with work? There was, right?

Machiko: Why did you come in person instead of calling! Hurry up and sweep me away!!
[Alt I: Why did you come in person instead of calling! Hurry up and sweep me off my feet!!]
[Alt II: Why did you come in person instead of calling! Hurry up and get me outta here!!]

Satou: Nope, nothing.

Satou: It’s very sudden, but there’s something I absolutely had to ask everyone.

FX: Whisper (x3)

Subordinates: What is it…

Subordinates: It really is sudden.

Satou: Are you all familiar with Back to the Future?

Machiko: !!

FX: Sputt-!!

Page: 021

M/B Sub: Nope.

Kudou: Is that an old movie?

F/S Sub: I’ve heard the title…

M/G Sub: I might have seen it once… Or not.

M/C Sub: I don’t really watch movies…

F/T Sub: Is it interesting?

FX: Smirk

Machiko: Satoooooo!!
Machiko: And my own youngunsssss.

Machiko: Is this because of the flying cross chop? Didn’t we make up afterwards!?

Machiko: Are you planning on spilling the beans about me? About us!?

Satou: I won’t. I don’t want to talk about my divorce, anyways.

Satou: I just thought that you said an awful lot to me for someone who’s never seen a Ghibli movie.

Page: 022

Machiko: D… do you like Ghibli movies?

Satou: Is there a living soul out there who hates them?

FX: Stare

Satou: Sorry for being abrupt. In the past, _an acquaintance and I_

Satou: got into a bit of a kerfuffle over whether more people had seen Back to the Future or Ghibli movies.

F/T Sub: Eh- what’s with that?

M/B Sub: It’s obviously Ghibli.

F/S Sub: Ghibli

Kudou: But surprisingly- Chief Kine hasn’t seen any-
[Alt I: By the way, and this is surprising, but Chief Kine hasn’t seen either- ]
[TL Note: The meaning of this line changes heavily depending on whether it’s Kudou or Satou saying it. I’m 80% sure it’s Kudou, though (she calls Kine the section chief).]

Satou: Right, yeah? If Ghibli were a food, it’d be rice.
Satou: _And without rice, you can’t make curry._

Subordinates: What’s with that?

Subordinates: Satou-san, you’re entertaining!

Machiko: Ahahahahahahahahaha

Page: 023

Machiko: Oh, you’re good.

Machiko: Hey, Satou. We were just now discussing seeing a Ghibli movie together,

Machiko: and they said it was okay for me to pick the movie, so,

Machiko: I’d like to watch Tales of Earthsea.

Page: 024

Machiko: Is that a no?

Kudou: Well, it’s not a no…

M/B Sub: I, I don’t hate it…

Machiko: Ku, ku, ku. I may not have experienced any of them, but the internet’s given me a rough picture of which ones have the biggest flaws.

Machiko: Now, let’s get this party started!!

Satou: Then what’s your number 2?

Machiko: My Neighbors the Yamadas

Satou: Number 3.

Page: 025

Machiko: Kuh! Why aren’t you all stopping this woman? Weren’t you going to let me…

FX: Rumble

FX: Hah!

Machiko: It’s different!
Machiko: I see, those eyes…

FX: Peek (x5)

Machiko: From the beginning, I had no choice.
Machiko: They were all waiting for me to say this:

Machiko: Which Ghibli movie is interesting?

Machiko: Like so!

Machiko: That particular fanatical type of person always wants a conversation

Long Client: …

Grey Client: …

Boss: …

Machiko: to proceed in the direction which appeals most _to them._
[TL Note: Copypasted from chapter 4, page 92, panel 4.]

Page: 026

Machiko: For me, who normally hates giving recommendations to people who normally don’t watch movies,
Machiko: to be getting recommendations from people who normally don’t watch movies,

Machiko: that’s some real scary-ass karma.
[Alt I: karma can’t be accused of messing around. (in this case the “For me,” in the first box works better as “With me,”]

Machiko: And I can already see tragedy unfolding on an even more epic scale

Subordinates: My recommendation is the best!

Subordinates: Chief, watch my recommendation!

Subordinates: Listen to my recommendation!

Satou: Kine~

FX: Doom (x4)

Machiko: if I ask for their recommendations here.

Machiko: If anyone gets a word of recommendation out, the “me toos” will sound out like a great chorus.

FX: Clench

Machiko: I can’t allow the gates of hell to be thrust open here!!

Page: 027

Waiter: If you’re talking Ghibli, it’s gotta be Castle in the Sky, yo. I rec it, for sure.
[TL Note: The waiter has a verbal tic, ending sentences with -su and a slurred “syo”. I sub in “yo”.]

Everyone: Who?

Waiter: Ah, I’ll take the clean plates for ya, yo.

Machiko: Waiterrrrrr!!

Page: 028

Satou: Laputa is good, too, but I recommend-

Narration: And thus the gates of hell were thrust open…

Narration: -5 minutes later-

Page: 029

M/B Sub: Women do tend to like Kiki’s Delivery Service, I guess-

F/S Sub: That’s gender discrimination!
[TL Note: Original text reads “sexual harassment” but it feels a bit awkward carried over literally.]

F/T Sub: You say that, but you’re pushing Porco Rosso, no?
F/T Sub: All the men seem to like Fio-chan,

F/T Sub: you lolicon!

M/B Sub: I, I, I’m not a lolicon!

M/C Sub: That’s right! Princess Clarisse is Ghibli’s #1 heroine!!
[TL Note: Clarisse is the lead heroine in Castle of Cagliostro.]

F/T Sub: Real lolicons should stay quiet!!

M/G Sub: Why nothing but Miyazaki flicks!? You say Ghibli, I think Takahata Isao! I’d go with Only Yesterday.

Kudou: Are you telling the chief to go soul-searching in the countryside because she’s single!?

M/G Sub: I did no such thing! Apologize to the chief!!

Kudou: Silence, brat!!

M/G Sub: My eyes~!!

Page: 030

Kudou: I recommend My Neighbor Totoro, of course!

M/B Sub: I guess kids really do like Totoro-

Kudou: Jerk!

M/B Sub: My eyes~!!

Satou: I want to watch Whisper of the Heart.
Satou: Whisper

Subordinates: No sneaking ahead!!


Old Man: I’m from the next room over, and you’re loud! Think a little about the trouble you’re causing the other patrons!

Machiko: I, I’m sorry. I’ll stop them soon.

Old Man: By the by, I recommend Grave of the Fireflies!!

Machiko: Old man!

Waiter: Gotta go with Laputa, yo.

Machiko: Do your frickin’ job!!
[Alt I: You get back to work!!]

Page: 031

Machiko: Aah…

Machiko: What an ugly sight…

Machiko: Is that what I looked like…?

Machiko: Is that what I looked like, with my ass too tight to accept the opinions of others…?
[TL Note: The “ass too tight” is direct “ketsu no ana no semasa” from the original dialogue.]

Page: 032

Machiko: Nothing but _those words_

Machiko: will put an end to this hell.

Machiko: But those words will bring ruin to me.

Machiko: It’s a phrase I swore to never use again.

Machiko: Ah- I don’t want to say them!
Machiko: It’ll shave away my soul!

Machiko: But I have to say them, don’t I-!!?

Machiko: Everyone!!

Page: 033

Machiko: To each their own, right?

Page: 035

Machiko: And so their voices were silenced…
Machiko: The fact that everyone appeared equally embarrassed about their actions,

Machiko: but also looked equally like they had something persistently stuck between their teeth,
Machiko: and wouldn’t feel satisfied until they got the last word somehow, left a deep impression on me.

Page: 036

Machiko: In the end, were those words of salvation,

FX: Clink (x3)

Sign: Izakaya Yuu
[Alt I: Pub Yuu]

Machiko: or were they, after all, words of ruin?

Machiko: I’m beat… Good thing today’s an off day…

Satou: Yup.

Machiko: Satou, home is that way.

Satou: The video store is that way.

Satou: We’ve got to borrow a Ghibli movie.

Machiko: Just so you know, I won’t be watching.

Satou: Eeeh–!?

Satou: Why!? Don’t tell me you weren’t a little bit interested after all that?
Satou: Is it because you’re sexually stunted!? Because you’re one of the apathy generation?
[TL Note: This line is almost identical to one in c6 p133 panel 2, the only difference being the Japanese sentences end with -nano instead of -ka. It didn’t scan as big enough of a difference to warrant a change in wording.]

Machiko: Eh-? I mean, when it comes to what movies people want to watch,

Page: 037

Machiko: To each their own, right?

Narration: Those who read Hitori de Cinema should look to it that they themselves do not become a monster. And if you gaze long into Kine, Kine also gazes into you.

Narration: “Kine-san no Hitori de Cinema” Asai (1978-)

Page: 039

Chapter 7: Afterward
[TL Note: The text in the post-chapter pages changes to what was used in the v1 end-of-volume extras. Hence, “”

Satou: Kine! They’re showing Castle in the Sky on TV today!

Satou: Let’s watch it! Let’s definitely watch it!!

Subordinates: Chief! They’re showing Castle in the Sky on TV today!

Subordinates: Watch it! Definitely watch it!

Machiko: Sigh-… Is the whole day going to be like this…?

Sign: Gyudon Restaurant

Staff: Welcome-

Waiter: Ah, miss. They’re showing Laputa on TV today, yo. I rec it.

Staff: Welcome-


Waiter: I work here part time, yo.

Narration: She went to a different movie theater than usual that night.


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