Via Newtype USA: Mahiro Maeda Interviewed (June 2003)

Maeda Mahiro discusses his work on The Second Renaissance portion of the Animatrix, which took a draw-first, write-later approach to creation. It also (weirdly) contains the other half of the director-CG guy conversation started by Hiroshi Shirai in the [inside] … Continue reading

Via Newtype USA: Morio Asaka and Nanase Ohkawa on Chobits (March 2003)

This is a neat interview tidbit showing off some of the thought processes permeating earlier era Madhouse (the [inside] article on Madhouse, in another issue, elaborates a bit on their clamp connection). Morio Asaka talks about the blurred line between … Continue reading

Via Newtype USA: Taniguchi Goro on s-CRY-ed (July 2003)

I’ve been collecting a bunch of old Newtype USA issues off of ebay lately, with the goal of eventually uploading scans of most or all of the [inside] series. The next batch arrived at my apartment yesterday, and in addition … Continue reading