2009-2016 Weekly Light Novel Sales Charts

These are the lists of Light Novels that made the Oricon novel rankings starting in late April of 2009. I compiled them primarily for personal use, but figured it wouldn’t hurt to save anyone else wanting to look at the same data the trouble of several hours unraveling the old news posts they come from.

These aren’t my data (it’s all via the myanimelist news team), and the numbers can be found elsewhere if you care to look. But they’re useful if you want to Ctrl-F and type in a series name quickly, to find out how it’s done over the years. One look at the comprehensive picture has its advantages over looking at snapshots. As does looking at weekly charts; while they may not have numbers as complete as the yearly top 50 volumes lists, they contain figures for a much greater number of series that can be fairly compared, provided one keeps in mind things like how late into a week a given volume came out (quite a few series come out in the last two days of the week, then rank higher in their second week out).

2009: https://animetics.net/2014/01/07/weekly-light-novel-sales-data-for-2009-april-december/

2010: https://animetics.net/2014/01/07/weekly-light-novel-sales-data-for-2010/

2011: https://animetics.net/2014/01/07/weekly-light-novel-sales-data-for-2011/

2012: https://animetics.net/2014/01/07/weekly-light-novel-sales-data-for-2012/

2013: https://animetics.net/2014/01/07/weekly-light-novel-sales-data-for-2013/

2014: https://animetics.net/2014/05/14/weekly-light-novel-sales-charts-for-2014/

2015: https://animetics.net/2015/05/07/weekly-light-novel-sales-charts-for-2015/

2016: https://animetics.net/2017/01/07/weekly-light-novel-sales-charts-for-2016/

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