Anime OVA Slaparound: Baldr Force EXE Resolution

This time on the ongoing “Animetics watches whatever” saga, we decided to open BaldrForce.exe on an isolated computer to see what would happen. Short answer: ever been to brick city?


Pictured: Said computer’s reaction

Sam: What do you get when you run BaldrForce.exe? A trainwreck!

Drew: That. Was. Awful. On any number of levels, really. Halfway through the show, there were 0 total likable characters (-2 if you only count the living ones), and the direction was sort of trying to be lain, but not trying very hard at anything. The plot was stupid, and nothing else in the show made up for that. And it had multiple repulsive and boneheaded attempts at edginess, worst of all the cyber-rape that lasted for like 10 minutes.

Will: I don’t even know what to say. This never made any sense, and really just had some of the worst writing I’ve ever seen. Trainwreck is fitting, but maybe a bit generous. It really was complete nonsense, ripping off a lot of sci-fi, but forgetting to make a point or have anything redeeming. There were like 4 dream sequences at the end for a reason that I can’t figure out, and really, a girl was literally raped by a computer program. After watching this, I’ve forgotten how to make a cohesive, properly ordered paragraph.


I really just don’t want to watch this scene ever again

Drew: Yeah, it just kind of had no idea. Normally, 4-episode ovas are really compressed and sort of built like mini-movies, but this had a plot that was a) not complex and b) incredibly hard to follow because of how it was presented. I could understand most of what was going on from years of experience with sci-fi that attempts and fails to be a real trip, but I felt literally nothing but sorrow watching this, and not the good kind.

Will: I was laughing a fair amount at how absurd some of it was, but that fun just died after a while. There were points where it went past “so bad its good” into “so bad it’s just bad again”.

Sam: This is a new gold standard for bad writing. Plots dropped and picked up out of nowhere, characters with personalities that change at the drop of a hat, some of the worst plot twists I have ever seen… I’m actually still laughing. This show is so bad, so poorly written and paced, that it’s kind of a joy to watch. By no means watch it alone, but its an MST3K kind of film where its so bad, so horrid, that its a joy to watch with friends if only to laugh AT it.

Drew: It takes itself way too seriously to be ironically good. I would not wish this ova on anyone I felt compassion for as a fellow human being. My scale puts it at a 2/10, because the character designs were average and the soundtrack was slightly better than complete silence. Everything else gets the ring of infinity.

Sam: 3/10, and that’s mostly because of the hilarity helping some of the worse aspects. This is available officially for free in full with subs with no advertisements and I still feel ripped off.

Will: Either 2 or 3, I’m not sure exactly how bad this was. I’ll call it a 3, because I at least got some enjoyment out of it (though not in the way they intended), and it’s very slightly better than the other things I’ve given a 2.

Drew: And that’s the inside scoop. If your head and/or computer doesn’t explode from watching this ova, we’ll see you next time!

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