Animetics Podcast: Crowdfunding Followup and the Summer 2013 Season

This time, we cover several topics, including the inspiring success of crowdfunded anime since our last show, several bits of recent anime news (both depressing and intriguing), and the rockin’ Summer 2013 slate of anime.

Download/Listen Online [links]

Total Time: 103 Minutes


Follow-up on Crowdfunding [0:32]

Time of Eve [0:32]

Little Witch Academia [2:05]

Creamy Mami (via Anime Sols) [8:12]
Anime Sols Survey: (Discussed in the segment)

Recent News [19:16]

Ryutaro Nakamura Dies [19:30]
Shonen Sunday Price Drop [21:36]
Aku no Hana BD/DVD Rescheduled [23:40]
Sword Art Online on Toonami [31:45]
Kyousogiga Anime [35:10]

Fall 2013 Anticipation [40:03]

Summer 2013 Anime [49:53]

Gatchaman Crowds [50:12]
C3-bu [53:35]
Free! [56:22]
Kanetsugu to Keiji [58:07]
Daybreak Illusion [60:37]
Sunday Without God [63:30]
Fantasista Doll [64:28]
Blood Lad [67:02] (My mistake, I was talking about ep3, not 4)
Prismer Illya [69:00]
Dog and Scissors [72:29]
Go-Home Club [73:25]
WataMote [74:52]
Monogatari Series Second Season [77:49]
Silver Spoon [80:08]
Golden Mosaic [82:08]
Ribon-chan [83:06]
Teekyu 2 [84:50]
Hyperdimension Neptunia [85:05]
Servant x Service [87:50]
Love Lab [90:35]
Uchoten Kazoku [92:11]
Dangan Ronpa [95:46]

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