First Reactions: WataMote Episode 7

The montage segment at the beginning was a great way of demonstrating just how hard Tomoko was wasting her summer vacation. Each individual action she took was a different kind of low-brainpower activity, and her internal feelings about the day afterwards provided rock solid confirmation that that moment six minutes in where she looked like a Cleveland fan circa January 17, 1988 was coming. My favorite part of that segment was her commenting on the video, a little piece of satire directed at people no doubt commenting on the episode the same way. Mashing w is definitely a thing that happens, and he facial expression was a great example of someone showing exaggerating their sarcastic response to ridiculous internet crap.


It’s debatable whether or not its subjects got the joke

Tomoko’s failed livestream, even more awkward than the moment she opened the door that wasn’t there*, was incredibly awkward. I’d argue it was one of the most embarrassing skits in the show, because this one had her looking bad in front of an untold number of people instead of just self-destructing internally or in front of one person. It was almost to the point of disbelief, except it was her Tomoko, she had no topic, and she was wearing crackpot headgear. The nico parody comments she was getting seemed a bit overdone, if only because I’ve never seen a video with a colored comments/vanilla comments ratio as high as it was before she cut off the stream.**


The VA meet and greet scene was interesting because it portrayed something rarely seen in anime; how fans view meeting voice actors whose characters they like. That, and it was a really awkward segment, with Tomoko really pushing the envelope for her custom line in all the wrong ways. Amidst all that, when Tomoko’s mom walked in on her edited audio, at first it was easy to think that things were fine. But as the audio kept playing on and it became clear Mom was reacting to that, the first thing that popped into my head was “Headphones in the mike port?” I’ve never had a switch-up moment quite that bad, but it’s happened to me before. To have something in that tier happen to me would probably be pretty bad. But since it’s not me, there’s only one appropriate reaction.


*Did anyone else noticed that scene with the invisible door at around 8:30? That was weird, and I would normally just chalk it up to outright failing to draw it, but it might be a failed attempt at visual oddity less successful than the show at large.

**You have to know a little bit of nico-fu in order to actually do colored comments, so occur less often as a matter of course.

2 thoughts on “First Reactions: WataMote Episode 7

    • The lonely fireworks scene definitely does get some embarrassment points for how her brother ended up watching from the window. It’s like she could only get the bare minimum amount of pity.

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