First Reactions: WataMote Episode 10

I’ve seen shows lead into their ED credits with the first few notes, (to nearly universally impressive results), but this is only the third or fourth show I’ve seen do so with the opening credits. Between that and the decision to plug Tomoko into class chat central, the second semester got off to a running start.


Most episodes of WataMote are all about Tomoki actually failing in interpersonal interactions, but this one seemed to focus a lot more on her own island world and the delusions that pervaded it, along with the pins that inevitably came along to burst her bubble. Of particular note were the too-long internal monologue about getting caught up in a Battle Royale scenario (as if she wouldn’t be the first to die) and her elaborate school-life fantasies.


Insofar as the show is still keeping itself to an episodic comedic approach, this was the loneliest episode yet. And I don’t say that just because of the deep-cutting words-free segment with the overturned chairs halfway through. Many of Tomoko’s delusions this episode were focused around the idea that she would fit in as a side character in most anime comedies. It’s something that’s possible in theory, but the reality of Tomoko’s character is that she’s abrasive, a poor communicator, and quick to give up, a combination of traits which might be charming alone but makes it fairly difficult to win hearts when mixed together in one pot. The fact that she was aiming for any sort of social life this week would be encouraging if she were just a bit more capable of recognizing the flaws that were keeping her from one. As it is, her disposition works best for the comedy that always keeps you on guard for the incoming nutshot; if you were actually rooting for her deep down, then you’d be taking far too many direct hits.

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