Sell Me in 20 Minutes: My Mental Choices

Only one new show today, and it didn’t take too long to form an opinion on. The presentation of My Mental Choices was of the very dull kind; not outright lazy in the way BlazBlue was lazy, but in the circa 2005 sense when art was getting polished up but nobody making the show cared about anything but their next paycheck. And then there were parts that were just outright sloppy, like the insert song from out of nowhere during the bullshit science bit that went on for way too long (whenever you have 3 verbal audio tracks competing for the available audio space without a press scrum taking place on-screen, somebody screwed up big). Also, the point of the comedy was poorly established and made it hard to feel strongly either way about the main character. One one hand, he was doing things too reprehensible to like, but it’s hard to hate him because it’s very technically not his fault. It’s tough not to see this as an excuse plot to have splatter fanservice all across the screen. The premise was less of a problem than the ass-awful presentation, truth be told, but nothing that really promises more than a giant pile of mud in this one. Dropped in the strongest possible terms.

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