First Reactions: Tokyo Ravens Episode 2

I’m a bit less sure that I know what I’ve got with this show after two episodes; the second one mixed in a lot of of new elements, some more surprising than others. It’s still introducing of its story elements without getting infected with proper noun disease, which is a plus. Still looking forward to it, but a lot of what I’m assuming would develop into plot elements is still covered in question marks.

Not particularly surprising was the death of Harutora’s hometown friend. If he was going to Tokyo to be the Man in Black we see in the opening, he’s going to need a kick out of his hometown, the more permanent the better. Very surprising was the fact that she was apparently a talisman-conjured familiar all along. I’m not sure what’s going on with that. Hopefully it gets explained; Harutora ought to be more curious about that after the traumatic emotions that caused him to rashly pact with Natsume subside a bit. I was digging his varying degrees of pained expressions throughout the scene in the rain, though.


Aside from notably out-of-place cg robots, the supernatural elements of the show felt like one of its bigger strengths. They contributed to the mystery behind Harutora’s friend, the surprise attack on Natsume, and the jarring oddness of the pact ritual between Harutora and Natsume. It’s not so much that the show has the supernatural elements as that the people handling them are shrewd professionals who handle the supernatural like superspies handle surprises-cool as ice, trying to turn the situation to their advantage. It’s the major up separating Hunter x Hunter from more generic battle series, and Harutora dealing with the phone ringing and revealing his location with a calm, collected persona was one of the highlights of the episode. The sense of purpose that most of the cast seems to have definitely is the main thing driving me forward on this one.

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