First Reactions: Samurai Flamenco Episode 3

As much as Samurai Flamenco still seems to lack a good dramatic soundtrack, it doesn’t much matter when it keeps the focus on comedy and brings those cranky accordions to the table. That dimension of the series seems to be becoming more prominent, as the cast added another awkward adult. And it should be mentioned that Goto is looking like less of a traditional straight man as time goes on.


This episode was powered by two subplots, both in some form spurred by the comedic fallout of Masayoshi’s secret identity. There was the major one where the too-emotional stuntman took credit for Masayoshi’s work before being folded into the main cast, and the minor one where Masayoshi’s manager had him pegged and was about ready to put the kibosh on his hero biz. It was neat how they managed to resolve the latter thread by having Goto pose in the SF suit while the manager watched on TV. The quote from him as he was posing was probably the high point of the episode.

I really like what the new guy, Red Axe, brings to the show’s comedy potential. It was fun enough watching Masayoshi fight for justice in his persistently naive way, but now mix in another foolish ally of justice with blood twice as hot and an already existing public persona, and this routine can really build upward. Plus, maybe with sparring training from a stuntman, SF gets knocked flat on his rear a little less often.

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