Sell Me in 20 Minutes: Mekaku City Actors

Mekaku City Actors packed a number of strong-side points, the mos enjoyable of which was hearing Asumi Kana at full blast. Just having her go at it with one-way dialogue did a great job of lightening up the atmosphere after that story-heavy intro. It’s fun to watch a character just grab the reins and take charge of a scene the way he computer avatar character did. A star-studded cast is almost a given for a high-budget production, but not everyone really makes use of their veteran VA’s strong points the way those minutes did. That’s one of the really fun parts about the deliberately minimal rorschach-blot style that has come to characterize that one studio whose name everyone has heard several times at this point; when it doesn’t work by itself, it’s setting a really open stage for writers and seiyuu to just jam. Oh, and it makes flipping the script on a dime doable as well (visibly useful in the second half). Warts be damned, I’m all-in on this one; it’s getting at least 3 more episodes.

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