Via Newtype USA: [inside] 4C (June 2003)

Along with an understanding of the broader context of the subject, the most vital ingredient to good anime coverage is a reliable source. So when US journalists actually interview people on the production side in Japan, it’s generally worth noting unless the interview consists entirely of fluff. This is the latest of what will hopefully be a couple more posts archiving articles from Newtype USA’s [inside] series of articles written by Amos Wong. This article on studio 4C includes President Eiko Tanaka talking about global markets and the technical aspect of continuous takes, Koji Morimoto talking about his work on the Animatrix and the producer who got him involved in the project, and Shinichiro Watanabe talking his issues with tight schedules.

Note: Pictures are scans of the article made on my crappy scanner, which cover the article text but not the entire page. They’re also in greyscale, because I’m interested in archiving interview text and color scans make the process more of a headache than it needs to be. Apologies for that. Scans after the jump, along with comments on the contents of the article.

4c-1 4c-2 4c-3 4c-4 4c-5 4c-6


-The article states that 4C employs 45 members, significantly less than the 80 or so employed by gonzo, but they also say that they are fairly small as anime studios go.

-The commentary on the continuous takes in Memories’ Cannon Fodder segment is interesting because it comes from Tanaka, the president/producer. Michael Arias, mentioned in the same article, went from CG director on Tekkon Kinkreet to producer on the Animatrix. There’s probably a large degree of people skills/basic technical know how that’s transitive and would help people in both positions.

-I don’t quite get the ‘harem’ comment on the first page, but if I had to guess, it might have something to do with the fact that Tanaka is a woman and the majority of animators presumably were not. Could be wrong.

8 thoughts on “Via Newtype USA: [inside] 4C (June 2003)

  1. Anime studio staff count are a matter of public record, and often times companies will list them right on their company website:

    Employees: 129 (2010 April to present)

    Here’s a list compiled a while back by animapple:

    304 Toei
    246 TMS Entertainment
    184 Production IG
    171 Sunrise
    159 Kyoto Animation
    150 Studio Pierrot
    150 Studio Deen
    140 Studio Ghibli
    130 Mad House
    120 J.C.Staff
    110 ufotable
    100 XEBEC
    100 AIC
    78 GAINAX
    77 Satellite
    70 P.A.Works
    70 Bee Train
    70 Synergy SP
    41 Artland
    38 A-1 Pictures
    36 NOMAD
    20 Brain’s Base
    15 feel.
    10 Ordet

    • That’s neat, especially how small A-1 Pictures was at the time. It would be nice if that list was sourced (links are to an animesuki user profile and a dead article) – I’d like to check how the info changed, especially for A-1, which only has their top-level staff listed on their page:

    • Found a more up-to-date list:

      Animation Studio Staff Count

      521 Toei Animation (as of 2014-03-31)
      300 Ghibli
      224 Sunrise
      166 TMS Entertainment (as of 2012-06)
      137 OLM (as of 2013-03)
      130 JC Staff (including contractors)
      129 Kyoto Animation (as of 2010-04)
      125 A-1 (as of 2013-01)
      124 Asashi Production (as of 2013-04)
      120 Production IG
      120 Studio DEEN (including contractors)
      110 Satellite (as of 2013-04)
      110 UFotable
      100 Studio Hibari
      100 XEBEC (including contractors)
      100 Tezuka Productions
      92 Studio L (as of 2013-05, including contractors)
      83 Gainax
      80 Answer Studio
      70 Madhouse (including contractors)
      77 Dogakobo (as of 2011-09)
      70 Shin-Ei Animation (as of 2011-07)
      70 DLE (as of 2012-09)
      59 Telecom Animation Film
      55 Diomedia (as of 2013-04)
      53 Studio Comet
      52 Tatsunoko (as of 2013-03-31)
      50 Imagine (as of 2012)
      50 Eiken
      50 Orange
      45 Brain Based (as of 2010-06)
      41 ACTUS (including contractors)
      42 Gonzo
      40 Studio ADD (as of 2011-05)
      40 Studio Live
      40 MSC (as of 2011-09)
      37 G&G Direction
      36 Nomad
      30 Sunshine Corporation (as of 2011-08)
      26 Studio Fantasia
      25 A.C.G.T.
      24 Production REED (as of 2012-10)
      23 Triple A (including contractors)
      23 Digital Network Animation
      23 Asread (including contractors)
      21 Artland
      20 ZEXCS
      18 Dream Force (as of 2011-01)
      17 Kamikaze Douga
      12 EGG (as of 2012-01, exlcuding contractors)
      10 Ordet (as of 2013-01)

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