Via Anime Insider: Kia Asamiya (Summer 2002)

Anime Insider/Invasion (had different titles at different points during its run) was a magazine published by Wizards of the Coast during the big boom in the US, from about 2001 to 2009. I recently acquired close to the entire ~60-issue run at a swap meet. While the majority of the material is either thinly veiled promotion or puerile stuff reminding me why I’ve withdrawn somewhat from the US community, there’s typically at least one pure article/interview per issue. I’ll be posting them here as I see fit, including ads that come in pages in between the articles (mainly as a way of verifying that I’m not accidentally skipping pages).

This article interviews Kia Asamiya, the author of Steam Detectives and Silent Mobius, who had a particularly interesting career that took her to the US and saw her working on the Star Wars Episode 1 manga.

asamiya-1 asamiya-2 asamiya-3 asamiya-4 asamiya-5

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