Via Anime Insider: Stand Alone Complex (August 2004)

Production IG CEO Mitsuhisa Ishikawa and Director Kenji Kamiyama talk about Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex. Kamiyama talks about his take on the gits universe, and Ishikawa boasts about a sales total of 700,000 units, a total that blows away the DVD/BD wiki totals.

For season 1: 16019*13=208,247

For season 2: 19640*13=255,320

For a total of about 470,000 copies. There are some miscellaneous box releases that add ~10-20 thousand to that, but it’s still probably generous probably generous, since s2 had only released 6 of its 13 volumes at that point (with only 6 volumes out for s2, that total goes down to ~330,000). Not a factor of 5 like it might be with Chrono Crusade, and under-reporting by a factor of 2 has happened before, but still a huge difference.

sac-1 sac-2 sac-3 sac-4 sac-5

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