Sell Me in 20 Minutes: Rokujyouma no Shinryakusha and Tokyo ESP

I spent most of today working, being ecstatic about Lebron James leaving Miami, and then dealing with a Chris Bosh-shaped knife in my back.* Anime’s happening, though, with today’s new stuff being of the super-volatile variety.

Rokujyouma no Shinryakusha had a pretty mundane start, showing the protagonist’s everyday life with hints as to the number of supernatural stalkers that were peeking in on it. The second half was a bit more chaotic, as everyone ended up in a small-scale squabble over the room. The humor in the second half was decent, though it was hit-or-miss from joke to joke. I’ll give it another episode and see whether it goes north or south.

Tokyo ESP’s first episode was packed with a lot of contrary indicators; zero context for anything versus great fight choreography versus cartoon villains versus a high-stakes, fast-moving plot. It felt like a less clear version of the third episode of the Read or Die OVA, with the “inspired by bits and pieces from everything I’ve read throughout my entire life” feeling of a project Hideyuki Kurata has heavy influence on. It took me a little while after the episode was done to sort out my feelings, and I guess I more like it than don’t at this point. I’ll give it another week for sure, but everything else is provisional.

*Thanks for pulling out of the deal immediately after we traded away a decent player and picks for nothing to clear the cap room to sign you, jerk.

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