Via Anime Insider: Takashi Okazaki (October 2006)

Afro Samurai author Takashi Okazaki talks about creating the series, how it became a multimedia franchise, and how Samuel L. Jackson got involved. Also includes comments by director Fuminori Kizaki.

The story of how the anime got started because of a toy on a producer’s desk seems like another silly gonzo story from an ever-growing pile, but it’s likely not the only reason. Still, it is an interesting starting point.

okazaki-1 okazaki-2 okazaki-3 okazaki-4 okazaki-5


2 thoughts on “Via Anime Insider: Takashi Okazaki (October 2006)

    • Yeah, popularity for bigger hits is always kinda arbitrary. There’s a nebulous concept of “cool” out there which really seems to determine what becomes mainstream in the US that I’m not a huge fan of.

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