Via Anime Insider: US DVD Production and Markets (October 2005)

A pair of articles here. One long one about the process of producing an R1 release, and a short one about the state of the market in 2005.

The second article gives 30,000-50,000 copies as a range for strong R1 titles, with Appleseed and Ghibli titles selling over 100,000.* In contrast, B-list titles seem to rarely break 20,000.

*I can confirm this second claim, as I recently got an opusdata trial account and pulled sales figures for a bunch of anime movies, which I will post sometime soon. Unfortunately, their extended weekly charts, which would be invaluable for US market research, cost something in the range of $1000 (or more if you want the backlog), which I’m not paying.

dvd_production-1 dvd_production-2 dvd_production-3 dvd_production-4 dvd_production-5 dvd_production-6 dvd_production-7 dvd_production-8


3 thoughts on “Via Anime Insider: US DVD Production and Markets (October 2005)

  1. I am surprised that the UK anime market is still alive. One thousand units sold is considered a big hit. Shifting just a couple of hundred DVDs is enough to make top ten highest selling DVDs of the month.

    • If things have a long tail and generally get to 1000 copies, it’s not unfeasible that the market could support those sales numbers without high marketing or licensing costs, and I would imagine the licensing costs are lower since it’s a smaller market. Not dubbing would help that way too; do they often get dubs over there?

      • Most of the releases have a dub (they just use whatever dub the U.S distributor recorded.) There are some examples of sub only titles though (like Bakamonogatari.)

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