Regarding Anime Insider Issue 50

I’m not scanning Anime Insider Issue 50 (the Nov 2007 issue). The reason for this is that someone has already done so for the entirety of the magazine, which would make redoing specific pages in black and white pretty redundant:

[Thanks to fredofirish for the tip.]

In lieu of scanning the articles, I will note that there are several interviews in there which you may find interesting to look at:

-Mitsuo Fukuda on Gundam Seed Destiny (p. 24)

-A piece on Kaze no Stigma with comments from director Junichi Sakata (p. 34)

-A 3-page interview with Black Lagoon director Sunao Katabuchi (p.40)

-An interview with US VA/ADR Director Mary Elizabeth McGlynn (p.76)

-An interview with US VA Travis Willingham (p.77)

-An interview with US Publisher Vertical’s executive VP, Ioannis Mentzas (p. 84)

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