Week 1 Sales for Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection of F

On its first week out in mid-October, the US home video release of the latest DBZ movie sold a total of 96,485 copies across 3 editions.

Exactly which edition sold what is a trickier question – splits from the official sales reports indicate that DVDs and BDs sold about the same number of units, but DVDs grossed about twice as much. If you do the math on the gross totals vs. numbers of units, BDs grossed about $19.93 per sale while DVDs grossed about $44.65 per sale. That’s an odd breakdown, as the DVDs have an MSRP of only $30, versus $35 and $55 for the Regular and Limited edition BD/DVD combo packs.

So how might this have happened? My guess is that the RE combo pack, the best-ranking version on amazon, is counted in the BD column and the LE combo pack and DVD versions are counted in the DVD version. All editions were typically discounted at between 30-50% off at most outlets, which would explain why the BD per sale total is so low. If nothing else, it’s pretty compelling evidence that combo packs may be counted either way at times.

Frustratingly, I can’t personally unpack the amazon ranks to test that theory, since the DVD-only edition was added to amazon after I performed my checks. Any fancy stuff I do with the data on this release will probably be pretty limited in the short term.

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