Via Newtype USA: How to Art Grab Bag (2003-2004)

When I first went through the Newtype USA, I only looked at the first half because I assumed the rest was american-centric/fan content which wasn’t long-term relevant news for my purposes. It turns out I missed a very important feature on how different animators/art people handle their craft. This is a grab bag of all those features on all those people from previously-scanned magazines.

February 2003 – CARNELIAN

March 2003 – Kouichi Tokita

June 2003 – Bow Ditama

July 2003 – Hirotoshi Sano

August 2003 – Asada Trawar

September 2003 – Kouhaku Kuroboshi

November 2003 – Daisuke Nishijima

December 2003 – Masao Satake

October 2004 – Temari Matsumoto

December 2004 – Noiji Ito

1 thought on “Via Newtype USA: How to Art Grab Bag (2003-2004)

  1. Great find! You don’t see a lot of information about the challenge of adapting for multi-media projects coming out of Japan normally. Thanks for sharing!

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