First Reactions: Psycho-Pass Episode 21

Seeing as Psycho-Pass had the first real final battle episode of the season, I went into it pumped. Stayed that way for most of the episode, too; it did a very good job of keeping tension on a knife’s edge.

Akane was still ice-cold for most of this episode, but her voice and demeanor notably softened up for only one bit; her offering Ginoza to check her crime coefficent. This, along with her words to the effect of “I’m someone the system wants”, feels like the latest in a series of hints that Akane may be criminally asymptomatic herself. At the least, she’s capable of concealing her emotional turmoil from both her colleagues and the system.

Somewhat contrary to my expectations, Ginoza and his dad were the first ones to run into Makishima, who opted for a cop hunt in rigged terrain over his well-defended immediate goal. This scene really stood out for Makishima’s cunning use of dynamite as a slow-burning threat against Ginoza. It was fairly obvious that Ginoza’s dad was going to release him and go for the save, which I’m surprised went as bad for him as it did. I guess it does make sense dramatically. Between that and the way he peeled his arm to get out of that rubble, Ginoza is nothing short of a hot mess right now. A week’s time will tell if that spurs him to go crazy or not.


Definitely unstable

Kogami’s actions this episode were fairly pedestrian. After forcing his way in to that awesome background music, he made it to Makishima too late to save his first victim and got caught up in CQC with Makishima again. Only this time with knives of miraculously equivalent length. I really would not put any money on him winning after the curbstomp their last fight ended up being. Mainly for all of the following reasons: Kogami fired 4 shots this episode. His gun holds 5 bullets. While he has his (literal) knife fight with Makishima, that (literal) gun and its magical last bullet is lying carefree on the ground sipping a pina colada. Akane is running to the scene. Ginoza, whose dad was just murdered in front of his eyes, is nearby. That’s all I’ve got to say about that.


Still, it’s a knife fight

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