Animetics Podcast: Kickstarting Anime and Speculation

In the long-delayed second episode, we talk about Kickstarter. More specifically, we start by discussing anime and manga it’s funded already, and use what numbers we have (mainly myanimelist statistics) to wildly speculate on what else might be a viable candidate for a Time of Eve-style international BD release.

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Show Length: 59:40

(Timestamps for each segment in parentheses)

Kick Heart (1:01)

Time of Eve (4:07)

Kickstarting Manga (6:20)

Other anime realistically kickstartable (7:29)

-Refer to list after break for data

The “Almost Certainly Would Get Funded” Group (9:02)

The “Maybe But Maybe Not” Group (21:48)

The “Probably Not Actually Happening” Group (44:00)

Anime Sols and the viability of other sites to crowdfund anime (52:14)

Key: [Myanimelist users completed-c Myanimelist total user count-t, Myanimelist ranking]

k is shorthand for 1,000 (i.e. 11k=11,000)

What we know:

-Time of Eve’s current sum: $80,000 (raised in 6 days)

-Time of Eve’s current mal stats: [28k-c 45k-t, 8.44]

-Time of Eve has 100 minutes of length, or the equivalent of about 4 TV episodes

-Time of Eve needed 18k$ at a minimum

So, for TV anime series, roughly18k*3=54k$ would be needed for a 12-episode show, and 18k*6=108k$ for a 24-episode show.

Keep this very rough estimate in mind while looking at the following stats. Also note stats are given in order we discussed the series, not in any sort of prioritized ranking.

The “Almost Certainly Would Get Funded” Group

1-Hyouka [45k-c 85k-t, 8.26]

2-Nodame Cantabile [43k-c 67k-t, 8.61]

3-Nichijou [30k-c 62k-t, 8.46]

4-Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei [55k-c 90k-t, 8.18]

5-Skip Beat [47k-c 64k-t, 8.46]

6-Gambling Apocalypse Kaiji [23k-c 35k-t, 8.38]

7-Chihayafuru [25k-c 47k-t, 8.44]

8-Carnival Phantasm [15k-c 25k-c, 8.18]

9-Gosick [46k-c 82k-t, 8.28]

10-Kuroko’s Basketball [34k-c 53k-t, 8.68]

11-Macross Frontier [34k-c 55k-t, 8.17]

The “Maybe But Maybe Not” Group

1-Kaiba [9k-c 20k-t, 8.32]

2-Tatami Galaxy [12k-c 29k-t, 8.54]

3-Akagi [14k-c 23k-t, 8.11]

4-Aoi Bungaku [16k-c, 37k-t, 8.06]

5-One Outs [17k-c 26k-t, 8.46]

6-Hunter x Hunter [30k-c 41k-t, 8.71]

7-Sekai-Ichi Hatsukoi [26k-c 33k-t, 8.31]

8-Legend of the Galactic Heroes [7k-c 25k-t, 9.05]

9-Gunbuster (as a Blu-Ray) [13k-c 20k-t, 8.05]

10-Dennou Coil [17k-c 37k-t, 8.29]

The “Probably Not Actually Happening” Group

1-Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure [9k-c 22k-t, 8.59]

2-Hidamari Sketch (as a dub) [12k-c 23k-t, 7.63]

3-Cross Game [10k-c 20k-t, 8.61]

4-Sket Dance [10k-c 37k-t, 8.37]

5-Trapeze [8k-c 18k-t, 8.20]

6-Beast Player Erin [4k-c 14k-t, 8.46]

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