Animetics @ Colossalcon (and Panel Schedule)

Colossalcon 2013 is coming up in less than a week, and I’m proud to announce that the Animetics Crew will be doing no less than 9 hours of panels. If you happen to be in Sandusky, Ohio from June 7-9 (we won’t be there on Thursday) for whatever reason, come check us out at any of the following times:

noitaminA: The Late-Night Block that Revolutionized Anime: 8pm Friday, 1 hr
The History of Weekly Shonen Jump: From Late-Comer to Front-Runner: 10pm Friday, 2 hrs
The Best Anime Directors You’ve Never Heard Of: 11am Saturday, 1 hr
The Star System 2.0: A Naoki Urasawa Primer: 4pm Saturday, 1 hr
Manga Japanese Critics Love: 7pm Saturday, 2 hrs
Anime vs Manga: Why Does This Adaptation Suck?: 10am Sunday, 1 hr
Studio Gonzo Then and Now: Geniusing All the Way to Bankruptcy: 3pm Sunday, 1 hr

Since this is a pretty full con schedule, and we’ll be at a convention, expect the blog to go quiet between posting on Devil Survivor 2 on Thursday and the MOB opening round on Saturday. We’ll still be updating as usual for the first half of this week, though!

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