Notice: Conclusion of US Amazon Tracking Project

I’m ending the US Amazon anime tracking project as of this month (i.e. September 2017 will be the last month I track). It had a good 3+ year run, and I learned a lot. Mainly, though, I just don’t feel like continuing it anymore. It was always a personal interest project and the interest is no longer there.

Posts, docs, and this blog will remain up indefinitely, and I may decide to post here from time to time, but I have no plans to do anything here in the immediate future.

Slowing Things Down Until June

I really like the writing and analysis this blog gives me the platform to work on. But in the past 2-3 months, my life situation has been fairly overwhelming, in spite of some legitimately great things happening, stuff has overwhelmed me and I haven’t really had time to gather the data or sit down and write stuff up (as you can probably tell if you check in here semi-regularly). I still occasionally play with spreadsheets or bits of code on weekends, but stringing a coherent project together is beyond me. I keep sneaking looks at the dozen-or-so posts I have drafts of in my dash, but I just never have time to actually work on them. This situation seems like it’ll continue to be the way it is for at least the next month and a half. Basically, my available recreation time has shrunk and can only really support a half-dozen seasonal anime and the core group of manga* I import.

I’ll continue to do the monthly US amazon posts and data tracking, and I’ll update the manga/LN chart archives sometime after the end of April. Beyond that, there’s only one thing (a translation of an interview I found kinda fun) that I might end up posting prior to the end of May 2015. Long-term, though, I should be back in June with some real spare time and new stuff to write about.

*Amanchu, Billy Bat, Ace of the Diamond, Kaiji, Akagi, Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii, Giant Killing, and Yesterday wo Utatte if v11 ever comes out.

ICYMI: Highlight Posts of 2014

Just though I’d toss this up here. I had a lot of fun writing/researching stuff this year, and I hope people found the content here useful or at least fun. Here’s an icymi list of links to some of my personal favorite 2014 pieces:

And also, if you haven’t read the first magazine article I scanned this year – Amos Wong’s Satelight piece – I highly recommend you do so. It was pretty informative regarding the politics of early CGI in animation, still probably my favorite one I scanned. I count myself as lucky I happened upon that particular page of that particular NTUSA issue while browsing a used bookstore; odds are the other 250-something scans of articles on this site don’t happen otherwise.

Added a Page to Archive US Amazon Data

I’ve been tracking US amazon data for a little over six months now, but I haven’t really been doing more than that and some basic fitting. I added a page to the main site that puts all the links to the data in one place and makes it theoretically easier to check on a given release/month. The archive starts from March of 2014, and you can check it out here┬áif you are so inclined.