Timeslot History: Anime on TV Tokyo (1994-2000)

My last timeslot post was 3 weeks ago. This post is about TV Tokyo’s anime offerings in the mid-to-late 90s, which is why that gap was as long as it was. There are just lots and lots of shows here. Like, way bigger than everyone else. Like, 143 of the 366 total anime aired in the period. Getting all the data together in a semi-neat format took a ton of time even though the information itself was fairly straightforward, just because there was so much of it.

General boilerplate stuff:

If you’re curious about the details, you can find the data I’ve gathered on this spreadsheet. Note on the format: the master list has just the networks, timeslots, and years of airing. Other sheets contain the shows aired in a given year and those aired on non-Japanese TV, with relevant links for the numerous series for which the Japanese wikipedia page didn’t provide sufficient information on the timeslot.

For each broadcaster, I’ll be asking two questions. First, which, if any slots did they have dedicated to anime in general? To qualify as an anime slot for the purposes of this exercise, a timeslot has to have aired premieres of at least 3 TV anime from 1994 to 2000. This excludes, for example, the Fuji TV Sunday 18:30 slot, which has been running Sazae-san for a really long time. I’m more interested in timeslots that would have been available to new shows during this period. I do track timeslots before and after the period to get an idea of where their demos originated and where they ended up.

Second, which, if any shows did that broadcaster air after midnight? I want to give as complete a view as possible on the stance different companies took in regards to airing anime late at night. Since I’ve been poring over the data, I already have a decent idea of what the answer is going to be, but it’s neat to look at how different broadcasters’ stances were during this period.

Show title [month of first episode airing]

Monday 18:00

Shima Shima Tora no Shimajiro [12-1993]
Kishin Douji Zenki [01-1995]
Bakusou Kyoudai Let’s & Go [01-1996]
Bakusoku Kyoudai Let’s & Go WGP [01-1997]
Bakusou Kyoudai Let’s & Go MAX [01-1998]
Chiisana Kyojin Microman [01-1999]
Mon Colle Knights [01-2000]
Bakuten Shoot Beyblade Series [01-2001]
B-Legend! Battle B-Daman [01-2004]
B-Legend! Battle B-Daman Fire Spirits [01-2005]
Bakukyu Hit! Crush B-Daman [01-2006]
Bakegyamon [04-2006]
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003 US Animation) [04-2007]
Soul Eater [04-2008]
Dore the Explorer (US Animation) [04-2009]
Yorinuki Gintama-san (edited reairing) [04-2010]
Gintama’ [04-2011]
Gon [04-2012]
Mushibugyou [04-2013]
Gundam Build Fighters [10-2013]
Oreca Battle/Dragon Collection (back-to-back) [04-2014]

Monday 18:30

Virtua Fighter [10-1995]
Shichisei Toushin Gaifad (non-anime program) [04-1996]
Ai Love Junior (non-anime program) [10-1996]
Ai Love B.I.G. (non-anime program) [10-1998]
Aesop’s World [04-1999]
Masou Kishin Cybuster [05-1999]
Bikkuriman 2000 [11-1999]
Dr. Rin ni Kiitemite [03-2001]
Rockman.EXE [03-2002]
Croquette! [04-2003]
Get Ride! AM Driver [04-2004]
The Law of Ueki [04-2005]

(The Law of Ueki ended in March of 2006 and was replaced by the variety program Garage Wazaaaland.)

Monday 25:15

Hareluya II Boy [04-1997]
Kyuuketsuhime Miyu [10-1997]
Jikuu Tenshou Nazca [04-1998]
Serial Experiments Lain [07-1998]
Sain Luminous Jogakuin [10-1998]
Uchuu Kaizoku Mito no Daibouken [01-1999]
Jubei-chan: Secret of the Lovely Eyepatch [04-1999]
Uchuu Kaizoku Mito no Daibouken (season 2) [07-1999]

(Uchuu Kaizoku Mito no Daibouken ended in October of 1999 and was replaced by an unverified non-anime program.)

Tuesday 18:00

Shippu! Iron Leaguer (from Tuesday 18:30) [10-1993]
Haou Daikei Ryuu Knight [04-1994]
Juusenshi Gulkeeva [04-1995]
Bakuretsu Hunters [10-1995]
Tenkuu no Escaflowne [04-1996]
Saber Marionette J [10-1996]
Shin Tenchi Muyo [04-1997]
Master Mosquiton TV [09-1997]
Silent Mobius [04-1998]
Saber Marionette J to X [10-1998]
Eden’s Bowy [04-1999]
Dai Guard [10-1999]
Doki Doki Densetsu: Mahoujin Guru Guru [04-2000]
Chikyuu Shoujo Arjuna [01-2001]
Hare Nochi Guu [04-2001]
Shiawasesou no Okojou-san [10-2001]
Spiral [10-2002]
E’s Otherwise [04-2003]
Papuwa [09-2003]
Shura no Toki [04-2004]
School Rumble [10-2004]
Elemental Gelade [04-2005]
Capeta  [10-2005]
Animal Yokocho (from Tuesday 18:30) [04-2006]
D Gray Man [10-2006]
Bleach (from Monday 17:30) [10-2008]
Naruto SD: Rock Lee [04-2012]
Chousoku Henkei Gyrozetter [10-2012]
Naruto SD: Rock Lee (repeat) [10-2013]

(The Rock Lee rerun ended in March of 2014, when it was replaced by Shin Ultraman Retsuden.)

Tuesday 18:30

Mojakou [10-1995]
Kidou Senkan Nadesico [10-1996]
Pokemon [04-1997]
Gakkyuu Ou Yamazaki [12-1997]
Hare Tokidoki Buta (from Wednesday 19:00) [04-1998]
Super Doll Licca-chan [10-1998]
Jibaku-kun [10-1999]
Gensoumaden Saiyuki [04-2000]
Star Ocean EX [04-2001]
Final Fantasy Unlimited [10-2001]
Tokyo Underground [04-2002]
Asobotto Senki Goku [10-2002]
F-Zero Falcon Densetsu [10-2003]
Bleach [10-2004]
Animal Yokocho [10-2005]

(Animal Yokocho switched slots to Tuesday 18:00 in March of 2006 and was replaced by the variety program Kokoriko Million Kazoku.)

Wednesday 18:00

Mahou no Angel Sweet Mint [05-1990]
Zettai Muteki Raijin-Oh [04-1991]
Genki Bakuhatsu Ganbaruger [04-1992]
Nekketsu Saikyou Go-Saurar [03-1993]
Super Game Quiz Haou (non-anime program) [03-1994]
Tottemo! Luckyman [04-1994]
Blue Seed [10-1994]
Wedding Peach [04-1995]
Changerion (TV Drama) [04-1996]
Aka-chan to Boku (from Thursday 19:00) [01-1997]
Shoujo Kakumei Utena [04-1997]
Bannou Bunka Neko Musume [01-1998]
Lodoss-tou Senki: Eiyuu Kishi Den [04-1998]
Steam Detectives [10-1998]
Tenshi ni Narumon [04-1999]
Mugen no Ryvius [10-1999]
Time Bokan 2000 [04-2000]
Gear Fighter Dendoh [10-2000]
s-CRY-ed [07-2001]
Kinnikukman Nisei (season 1) [01-2002]
Shitsugeki! Machine Robo Rescue [01-2003]
SD Gundam Force [01-2004]
Starship Operators [01-2005]
Mushi King [04-2005]
Yugioh Duel Monsters GX (from Wednesday 18:30) [04-2006]
Yugioh 5Ds [04-2008]
Yugioh Zexal (rerun) [04-2011]
Ultraman Retsuden (non-anime program) [07-2011]
Jyuusen Battle Monsuno [10-2012]
Gaist Crusher [10-2013]
Gaist Crusher God-hen [06-2014]
Gundam Build Fighters Try [10-2014]

Wednesday 18:30

Looney Tunes (US Animation) [10-1989]
Tiny Toon Adventures (US Animation, from Friday 18:30) [04-1992]
Batman: The Animated Series (US Animation) [10-1992]
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987 US Animation) [10-1993]
Neon Genesis Evangelion [10-1995]
VS Knight Lamune & 40 Fire [04-1996]
Chouja Raideen [10-1996]
Mach GoGoGo (series 2, from Thursday 19:00) [07-1997]
Beast Wars Chou Seimeitai Transformers Series [10-1997]
Transformers: Car Robots [04-2000]
Powerpuff Girls (US Animation) [01-2001]
Shaman King [07-2001]
Bomberman Jetters [10-2002]
Yugioh Duel Monsters (from Tuesday 19:30) [10-2003]
Yugioh Duel Monsters GX [10-2004]

(Yugioh Duel Monsters GX switched slots to Wednesday 18:00 in April 2006, and was replaced by the variety program Torittagari Kesshitai Tottaaman DS.)

Wednesday 25:15

Maze TV ’97 [04-1997]
Next Senki Ehrgeiz [10-1997]
EL Hazard TV s2 [01-1998]
Trigun [04-1998]
Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040 [10-1999]

(Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040 ended in March of 1999 and was replaced by the variety/game show GameWave.)

Wednesday 25:45

Haunted Junction [04-1997]
Misutenaide Daisy [07-1997]
Elf wo Karu Monotachi II [10-1997]
AWOL [01-1998]
Sentimental Journey [04-1998]
Night Walker: Mayonaka no Tantei [07-1998]
Eat Man ’98 [10-1998]
Himiko-Den [01-1999]
AD Police [04-1999]
Seraphim Call [10-1999]
Boogiepop Phantom [01-2000]

(Boogiepop Phantom ended in March of 2000 and was replaced by Kayui Toko, an unspecified type of program.)

Thursday 7:35 (block broadcast)

Touma Kijin Den Oni/Noobow/Dokkan! Robotendon [10-1995]

Thursday 18:00

Pink Panther (US Animation) [10-1994]
Fushigi Yuugi [04-1995]
Mizuiro Jidai [04-1996]
Kero Kero Chime [03-1997]
Jikuu Tantei Genshi-kun [10-1998]
Kyoro-chan [07-1999]
Woody Woodpecker (US Animation) [04-2001]
Fruits Basket [07-2001]
Shichinin no Nana [01-2002]
Dragon Drive [07-2002]
Pluster World [04-2003]
Aqua Kids (Korean Animation) [04-2004]
Onmyoutai Senki [09-2004]
Koten Kotenko [10-2005]
Zegapain [04-2006]
Gintama (from Tuesday 19:00) [10-2006]
Heroman [04-2010]
Soul Eater Repeat Show [09-2010]
Sket Dance [04-2011]
Gintama’ (season 2) [10-2012]
Aikatsu (from Monday 19:30) [04-2013]

Thursday 19:00

Tenku Senki Shurat [04-1989]
Samurai Pizza Cats [02-1990]
Moomin (1990 TV Series) [04-1990]
Moero! Top Striker (from Thursday 19:30) [04-1992]
Calimero (1992 TV Series) [10-1992]
Jungle no Ouja Taa-chan [10-1993]
Tottemo! Luckyman (from Wednesday 18:00) [10-1994]
Bonobono/Bit the Cupid [04-1995]
Virtua Fighter (from Monday 18:30) [04-1996]
Aka-chan to Boku [07-1996]
Mach GoGoGo (series 2) [01-1997]
Hare Tokidoki Buta [03-1998]
Pokemon (season 2) [04-1998]
Pokemon Advanced Generation [11-2002]
Pokemon Diamond and Pearl [09-2006]
Pokemon Best Wishes [09-2010]
Pokemon XY [10-2013]

Thursday 25:15

Elf wo Karu Mono-tachi [10-1996]
Eat-Man ’97 [01-1997]
Hyper Police [04-1997]
Virus (Buster Serge) [10-1997]
Outlaw Star [01-1998]
Shadow Skill: Eigi [07-1998]
face 4/4 (non-anime program) [01-1999]
Betterman [04-1999]
Excel Saga [10-1999]
Sports Beat (non-anime program) [04-2000]
Argent Soma [10-2000]
Noir [04-2001]
Kokoro Toshokan [10-2001]
Aquarian Age [01-2002]

(Aquarian Age ended in March of 2002 and was replaced by the variety program Miniskirt Police.)

Friday 18:00

Genji Koushin Agedama [10-1991]
Hime-chan no Ribon [10-1992]
Akazukin Chacha [01-1994]
Nurse Angel Ririka SOS [07-1995]
Kodomo no Omocha [04-1996]
Cowboy Bebop (initial abbreviated run) [04-1998]
Hatsumei Boy Kanipan [07-1998]
Chou Hatsumei Boy Kanipan [02-1999]
Medarot [07-1999]
Medarot Damashi [07-2000]
Dennou Boukenki Web Diver [04-2001]
Bakutou Sengen Daigunder [04-2002]
Transformers: Armada [01-2003]
Transformers: Energon [01-2004]
A-kue to Gachinpoo (from Saturday 7:00) [01-2005]
Keroro Gunsou (from Saturday 10:00) [04-2005]
Kirarin Revolution Series [04-2006]

(Kirarin Revolution ended in March of 2009 and was replaced by the Jump-related variety program Sakiyomi Jyan Bang!)

Friday 18:30

Captain Tsubasa (rerun) [1985-05]
Yumemiru Toppo Gigio ’88 (From Wednesday 18:50) [1988-10]
Fushigi no Koala Blinky [1989-01]
NG Knight Ramune & 40 [1990-04]
Starship Troopers (OVA) [1991-01]
Dominion Tank Police (OVA) [1991-03]
Tiny Toon Adventures (American animation) [1991-04]
Salad Juu Yuushi Tomatoman [1992-04]
Tengai Makyou (OVA) [1993-01]
Hello Kitty (2 OVAs in 2 weeks) [1993-02]
Kero Kero Keroppi (3 OVAs in 3 weeks) [1993-02]
Ozanari Dungeon (OVA) [1993-03]
Kenyuu Densetsu Yaiba [1993-04]
Ginga Sengoku Gunyuuden Rai [1994-04]
Slayers [1995-04]
El Hazard: The Wanderers [1995-10]
Slayers Next [1996-04]
Mahou Shoujo Pretty Sammy [1996-10]
Slayers Try [1997-04]
Battle Athletes Daiundoukai [1997-10]
Lost Universe [1998-04]
Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou (Kare Kano) [1998-10]
Gokudo-kun Manyuuki [1999-04]
Donkey Kong (French animation) [1999-10]
Hamtaro [2000-07]

(Hamtaro ended in March of 2006 and was replaced by the variety/game show London Boots no Kaiketsu! Trickster.)

Sunday 9:30

Mahou no Stage Fancy Lala [04-1998]
Gasaraki [10-1998]
Soreyuke! Uchuu Senkan Yamamoto Yohko [04-1999]
Guru Guru Town Hanamaru-kun [10-1999]
Cosmic Baton Girl Comet-san [04-2001]
Galaxy Angel (season 2) [02-2002]
Pita Ten [04-2002]
Galaxy Angel (season 3) [10-2002]
DiGi Charat Nyo [04-2003]
Marshmallow Times [04-2004]
Onegai My Melody Series [04-2005]
Jewel Pet [04-2009]
Saikyou Bushouden: Sangoku Engi [04-2010]

(Saikyou Bushouden ended in March of 2011 and was replaced by the cooking show Kirei no Daidokoro.)


Late Night Programs:

Monday 25:15
Wednesday 25:15
Wednesday 25:45
Thursday 25:15

Generator Gawl (Tuesday 26:55, 1998)



-All hail TV Tokyo. They jumped on the late-night wave and rode it like Secretariat, simul-launching 3 dedicated slots in April of 1997 after putting up the Tuesday 25:15 granddaddy in October of the previous year. All told, 34 of the 143 anime airing on TV Tokyo in this period did so after midnight.

-Weiss Kreuz (23:00 Wednesday) and Love Hina (22:00 Wednesday) aired before midnight, but are sort-of late night shows that aired after the primetime anime hours.

-I’m surprised I didn’t encounter more slots that aired OVAs on TV the way the Friday 18:30 did. Given the breadth of available OVAs at the time, I kinda thought that would have been a slightly more common practice.

-Eva’s presence in a slot that dealt near-exclusively in foreign animation prior to that point (Wednesday 18:30) lends some credence to the still-perhaps-apocryphal story that it was a timeslot given to a sad, drunk Hideaki Anno by a producer who didn’t care that much for it. That also seems to be a slot that had been targeting teenagers with contemporary programming (Batman and TMNT), which illustrates why it didn’t do well in its individual run. Teenagers as a whole don’t tend to get Eva, which would explain why long-term rankings for the series on places like MAL have tumbled as the Western fanbase has grown younger.

-Cowboy Bebop originally ran on TV Tokyo, replacing Kodomo no Omocha in the Friday 18:00 slot. But in what English wikipedia cites as poor ratings and Japanese wikipedia cites as unfortunate coincidence of a real-life knife incident plus heavy editing/censorship due to post-Pokemon Shock standards and the resulting creative friction, it was pulled off the air after an abbreviated run, later to air in full on WOWOW, which will be the next and last* channel this series of posts will cover. I considered WOWOW to be the broadcaster for the purposes of the sample.

-It’s surprising, given that late-night slots were a year old at the time of the initial Cowboy Bebop run, that the production committee didn’t just pay the lower price and air it then. Hindsight is always 20/20, sure, but given that Outlaw Star (also animated by Sunrise) went on a late-night slot 3 months earlier (also post-Pokemon Shock), it’s not an unfair point to make. It may have something to do with the fact that Bandai Visual was only on the production committee in Bebop’s case. Or I may be just trying to spin too neat a narrative here.

-Oh, and props to Excel Saga for getting its last episode pulled off the air despite being in one of the slots the network set aside in part so they would have to censor fewer things.

-I really like that Gasaraki was a Sunday morning cartoon.

*Sort-of, anyway. There’s an interesting bit of UHF/SUN TV “other” that’ll get its own footnote, but it only counts for 3 shows as far as the sample is concerned.

5 thoughts on “Timeslot History: Anime on TV Tokyo (1994-2000)

    • It’s a newer show, outside the scope of this series of articles. Thursday 18:30 hasn’t as consistently been anime slot. The 1997 Tomagotchi anime (included in the spreadsheet) aired on Fuji TV. There’s no real reason to bring it up in a post about TV Tokyo slots from the mid-90s.

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