Just a Minor Status Update

Just some stuff on what I’m doing right now.

The writeup on amazon-sales correlations from October 4th-25th is coming. It’s actually pretty far along, and might be up this afternoon if I’m lucky.

I’m in a struggle with real life that hasn’t really let up and doesn’t seem like it’ll end soon. I still do things, but the kind of research I used to somehow put together (looking back on the archives, I did stuff I couldn’t imagine right now) takes an initial spark and a subsequent drive and I haven’t had a whole lot of either for, well, months, basically. Been too busy with other stuff and nothing anime/manga related really lit my fire. I’m watching like 5 anime this season* so there’s not a lot to get me interested. About all I have right now is the beginnings of one idea that I’m doing preliminary fact-checking for tonight. Probably nothing, really.

Translation-wise, I’m working on an extended project that will probably take another month or three to complete, depending on how much time I spend on it per night. It’s about as long words-wise as manben was, but will probably be much less interesting to most people. Nonetheless, the subject matter is fascinating to me and it’s expanding my kanji knowledge pretty explosively. I’m committed to that project, and it’ll be up when it’s done.

*Lupin III IV (The Zenigata episode had me screaming like I was 3 years old)
Osomatsu-san (YES)
Utawarerumono (good, feels very individualistic in a vintage sort of way)
GochiUsa s2 (good)
Teekyu s6 (inertia in its purest form)


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