First Reactions: Muromi-san Episode 12

I really wish Fuji and her giant boobs were out of the cast. They represent one very weak link on an otherwise strong chain of comedy. A jealous female friend isn’t out of the question in a comedic cast, but it kind of feels like she’s just an excuse for the show to not be worksafe.

I get that sex appeal sells, but the scenes with Fuji this episode were really more in the territory of being outright disturbing. What the show really ought to be using Fuji for are scenes like the one at the very end, where her response to a almost-rape was anger that it hadn’t continued that made Muromi and Takuro to go like this:


…or else more predator/prey style discretion cuts like the ones in the episodes where Harpy was introduced. This was a disappointing episode, all the more show because this show’s found creative solutions to this problem before. I hope it can close out stronger and leave a better taste in my mouth.

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