First Reactions: Muromi-san Episode 4

Though the premise of each episode thus far has been fairly similar, I’d never accuse this show of being on cruise control. It’s simply too well-handled. Muromi-san a roller coaster ride that has as much fun making fun of its own ideas as it does playing them straight up.

The main focus of the episode, the specism/hunger-fueled battle between Muromi and the harpy, was more mundane in terms of premise than last week’s episode. It made up for it with ironic use of discretion shots (scenes that were more violent than the one they cut away from), vintage Clippy-themed humor, and something that I think qualifies as a fight scene.


That lion is not giving the zebra a friendly hug

Takuro and Muromi are still at the core of the show, and their combo dynamic didn’t let up this week either. His cool-headed solution to the harpy problem was vintage straight man, but the real highlight, was when Takuro countered the suggestion that they were a manzai duo with a manzai-style slap. This show really loves to make fun of itself.


Nandeyanen-ing it like the old school

This series’ continued focus on messing around with mythical creatures, a choice which is neither a plus nor a minus. In Toriko terms, it’s about as important as the bowl century soup comes in; so long as your entire meal doesn’t leak out before you get a sip, it’s really not important whether it’s white or puce. Similarly, the series could keep going along this line of jokes, or change course, so long as the high-energy contents stay fresh. That said, I hope the episode in the preview doesn’t turn out the way I worry it will.

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