First Reactions: Muromi-san Episode 4

Though the premise of each episode thus far has been fairly similar, I’d never accuse this show of being on cruise control. It’s simply too well-handled. Muromi-san a roller coaster ride that has as much fun making fun of its own ideas as it does playing them straight up.

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First Reactions: Muromi-san Episode 3

This week’s Muromi-san episode felt a lot like a deliberate homage, taking themes from a number of older, well-established comedies and building them into a fun episode about irrational specism.

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First Reactions: Cuticle Detective Inaba Episode 11

In sports journalism, the term goat is often used to refer to a monumentally bad player. However, it often gets confused with the newer term G.O.A.T. – Greatest Of All Time. When I think of villains in comedy series, my first thoughts inevitably turn to Violinist of Hameln due both to the sheer breadth of villains exhibited in that show and specifically how amazing Vocal was. While he’s not quite at that level, Don Valentino is undoubtedly a capital G goat.

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