Charactology 2012 (Group 2, Match 3): Misaki or Nyaruko

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Today’s matchup is a clash between two hyperactive love interests, one an uber-talented art student and the other an alien Kamen Rider fangirl.

Kamiigusa Misaki

How is this character great in their own universe?

Misaki is one of two characters (along with Shiina) constantly injecting momentum into the plot of the Sakurasou universe, and the only one constantly stuffing energy into its atmosphere. She does this not by producing massive amounts of art, though she does that as well, but by showing up at people’s doors and bringing enthusiasm and a fun-loving attitude at just the right time. The most important thing for a show to have, aside from a strong cast in general, is that type of catalyst that pushes people forward.

How would they be great in the other’s universe?

The difference between Misaki and Nyaruko is not a huge one. They’re both ultra-energetic girls who constantly bounce from one thing to the next, and get dramatic when it comes to romance. But there is one key factor that makes the swap interesting; both of them are in love with a character not in their new universe. I think Misaki reacts to that by looking for a way back (in the long term) and just hanging out and having maximum fun (in the short term). I think the no-drama attitude she has in the short term takes Nyaruko from a fun harem to a fun series about just hanging out. I can’t say for certain whether that’s a better show, but I’d watch twelve episodes about that cast plus Misaki playing alien Mario Kart.


How is this character great in their own universe?

Nyaruko is crazy crazy. An alien space cop otaku extra dimensional being who has the power to rip the minds of any mere human asunder through her mere appearance but prefers to let her Space CQC and crowbar do the talking. She’s the kind of girl who you don’t want to have be in love with you, but you sure as hell don’t want to tell her that.

How would they be great in the other’s universe?

Well, for one thing, with Nyaruko as an animation master, hopefully JoJo Part 7 anime will come to fruition. Above that though, she brings a different type of comedy to the fold. Misaki had a comically ditzy personality, but Nyaruko has a comically sociopathic personality; basically, if confronted with a mugger, Misaki would comically misunderstand the situation, while Nyaruko would comically beat him to death with a rusty crowbar.

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