Charactology 2012 (Group 3, Match 2): Heartseed or Toshino Kyoko

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This time features two characters who fall comfortably and convincingly into varying degrees of creepy scumbag personalities.


How is this character great in their own universe?

In the world of Kokoro Connect, where 5 teenagers are struggling with very different and profound bits of internal drama, Heartseed has the tools to take full advantage of their situation. He obviously has his obvious power to incite body-swapping and various other phenomena, but the way he uses them is not something anyone with the same set of powers could do. He also possesses an extremely acute ability to read people and an absolutely sub-zero callousness to prod their emotions in the wrong direction at the wrong time in order to get his desired results. Take away his superpowers and make him just a student at the school, and you’d still find him giving the main cast a wicked hard time.

How would they be great in the other’s universe?

When Heartseed speaks through another person, it causes one of the most notable changes in mannerisms in anime, period; his voice is a broken drawl and his mannerisms are a cross between hunchback and suspicious redneck. The main thing he adds to the Yuruyuri universe is that overwhelming sense of creepiness that oozes from his every mannerism (as opposed to Kyoko’s overt molestation, where it’s spraying from every pore), something that would dare the comedy as to just how close to pure creepy it could get.

Toshino Kyoko

How is this character great in their own universe?

Kyoko is, put simply, crazy. She is an obsessive fan of a magical girl show, Witch Girl Mirakurun, to the point that she draws (remarkably well done) doujins of it and, when a girl who looks like Mirakurun shows up at the clubhouse, holds her captive and dresses her up in order for her to pose and use as a reference for her doujins. Beyond that, she’s very energetic and eccentric, often going on wild tangents and getting into the weirdest situations.

How would they be great in the other’s universe?

The question isn’t what would happen to Kokoro Connect, the question is what the show would BECOME: Witch Girl Mirakurun. Every episode would be another episode of Magical Girl parody antics, filled with transformation sequences, villains, and implied lesbianism. LOTS of implied lesbianism. All the girls would be implied lesbians. And all the guys would be turned into girls. So they could be implied lesbians. If she didn’t do that, though, she’d definitely go for a jokier version of Heartseed’s “experiments”; Magical girls, weird robots, and lots of lesbians. Well, implied lesbians.

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