Animetics Podcast: Crunchyroll Manga and Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure (Part 4)


The Animetics podcast is back! Albiet with apologies for our primative recording software and about 200% more duwang. This week, Drew and Sam spitball on some moderately interesting news, one piece of really interesting news, and Hirohiko Araki’s favorite installment of his all-time-top-ten manga franchise.


Listen Online:

Misc News [0:45]

-CR (in addition to other things) added One Piece

-Madoka Rebellion comes out swinging in the box office

-And More Madoka!

-Gatchaman Crowds 2: Messectric Boogaloo

-Yozakura Quartet OAD sales finally charted

-Space Dandy is being simuldubbed

-Bubblegum Crisis’ wildly successful Kickstarter

Crunchyroll+Kodansha USA=CR Manga [21:15]

JJBA Part 4: Diamond is Unbreakable [41:23]

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