Via Anime Insider: Producing Big O 2 (August 2003)

Not much to speak of here, except a mention by Cartoon Network creative director Sean Akins that many overseas meetings/dinners were involved in the process of getting Big O 2 produced.

bigo2-1 bigo2-2



2 thoughts on “Via Anime Insider: Producing Big O 2 (August 2003)

  1. I liked Big O. It would be cool if more outside investors could convince Japanese studios to continue making good shows that don’t sell well in their native homeland.

    • Nowadays, I think the best bet for something like that would be in the vein of Kaiji/animatrix, where a large film advertising budget (and lord knows those things are gigantic) could justifiably spend 2 million dollars as funding for an anime. Could earn a studio a lot of search traffic and/or goodwill.

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