Via Newtype USA: Ryosuke Takahashi and Chieo Ohashi (January 2003)

Gaogaigar producer Ryosuke Takahashi and Big O producer Chieo Ohashi talk about their respective robot projects.

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Via Anime Insider: Producing Big O 2 (August 2003)

Not much to speak of here, except a mention by Cartoon Network creative director Sean Akins that many overseas meetings/dinners were involved in the process of getting Big O 2 produced.

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Summer 2013 Anime I Dropped: What, When, and Why

I’m a strong believer in the value of 20 minutes of time. Between work, the anime I do watch, the fact that I do play games on occasion, and my ongoing quest to find the next To Heart*, I’ve got plenty of venues to bank my time. There’s no real reason to keep watching a show, even if I’m enjoying it a little, if it doesn’t have at least an upside of being an 8/10 product. What follows is a list of Summer 2013 shows I dropped more or less because of their lack of realistic upside.

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