Via Anime Insider: Jobs in Anime (December 2003)

This article might not have been a boatload of fun to read, but it does contain a bunch of rough salary figures for various anime-related professions:

Dub voice actors: A minimum 64.25$ per hour for Screen Actors Guild people (remember, an mc’s va typically works about 12 hours per episode) $25 for non-unionzed actors. So that’s 64.25*12*12=~$9250 per main character role per show. Or $3600 if a show is being cheap. For reference, the current per-episode cost of a dub is given by Justin Sevakis as around $7000-8500 per episode.

Pure speculation here, but the fact that vas are paid by the hour might mean a series with less dialogue (thinking about Texhnolyze here) is more likely to get a dub because the number of hours involved might be fewer.

ADR Directors: Yearly salary ranging from a rookie’s $25k to a veteran’s $100k.

Japanese Animators: Roughly $17k/year, though I don’t know whether that’s starting or average.

Translators: $20k-30k/year salary, $20-50 per page freelance.

Plus, there’s a sidebar towards the end with some technical specs on Voices of a Distant Star.

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