Via Anime Insider: Jobs in Anime (December 2003)

This article might not have been a boatload of fun to read, but it does contain a bunch of rough salary figures for various anime-related professions:

Dub voice actors: A minimum 64.25$ per hour for Screen Actors Guild people (remember, an mc’s va typically works about 12 hours per episode) $25 for non-unionzed actors. So that’s 64.25*12*12=~$9250 per main character role per show. Or $3600 if a show is being cheap. For reference, the current per-episode cost of a dub is given by Justin Sevakis as around $7000-8500 per episode.

Pure speculation here, but the fact that vas are paid by the hour might mean a series with less dialogue (thinking about Texhnolyze here) is more likely to get a dub because the number of hours involved might be fewer.

ADR Directors: Yearly salary ranging from a rookie’s $25k to a veteran’s $100k.

Japanese Animators: Roughly $17k/year, though I don’t know whether that’s starting or average.

Translators: $20k-30k/year salary, $20-50 per page freelance.

Plus, there’s a sidebar towards the end with some technical specs on Voices of a Distant Star.

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Via Anime Insider: Dubbing Excel Saga (Fall 2002)

A short piece on the process of dubbing anime. There’s lots of informational material on this available in English already (VA con panels are ubiquitous fixtures of the scene, and  get on youtube now and again), but it does give an idea of the timescales involved in working on such a project – about 12 hours of voice acting work for a main character, per episode.

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