Composers/Writers/Directors With Blockbuster Chops (Updated Through 2014)

A while back I compiled lists of anime staffers who had had the combination of skill and luck required to serve in key staff positions of franchises that came out of the gate as 10k+ sellers. At the time, there had only been a total of 101 such shows confirmed, so they turned out to be both exclusive and interesting.

Since then, 2014 happened and another 8 franchises joined the 10k+ party. Additionally, the anime sales community discovered a fun exploit and demonstrated that 7 other season 1s from years past qualified. With 15 fresh groups of to accredit, it’s worth updating those lists. This time we’re keeping the lists short and together in one post, noting which names are new and which ones took a step up.

Quick rule refresher – a series counts for this list if it sold 10k+ starting with the first season, and the credit for that success goes to the staff of the first season. Also, shared credits for a position counts so long as the split is between a maximum of two people. Macross and Gundam series aside from the first installment of each don’t count.

Composers with 2:

Kenji Kawai
Kotaro Nakagawa
Kouhei Tanaka [NEW]
Maiko Iuchi
Makoto Yoshimori
Masaru Yokoyama [NEW]
Seikou Nagaoka
Tatsuya Katou
Yukari Hashimoto [NEW]
Yuugo Kanno

Composers with 3 or more:

Hiroyuki Sawano (3)
Ko Otani (3)
Ryosuke Nakanishi (3) [+]
Shiro Sagisu (3)

Shiroh Hamaguchi (4) [+]
Taku Iwasaki (4) [+]
Toshio Masuda (4)
Yoko Kanno (4)
Yuki Kajiura (4) [+]

Jun Maeda (5)
Shinji Orito (5)
Satoru Kousaki (5)

Notes on Composers:

-3 new names on the list, 2 of them due to 2014 (Hashimoto on Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun, Yokoyama on Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso) and 1 (Tanaka on Hyouka) due to the extended rankings.
-Shiroh Hamaguchi adds 2 shows to his 10k tally, Ah My Goddess from the extendeds and Shirobako from 2014. Like most others on this list, he’s good.
-There’s no mention of monaca, despite their having hands in OreGaIru and Working, because they’re a team consisting of several people.

Writers with 2:

Hideyuki Kurata
Hiroyuki Hoshiyama
Katsumi Hasegawa [NEW]
Kazuki Nakashima
Masahiro Yokotani
Masashi Sogo
Michiko Yokote [NEW]
Noboru Takagi
Shou Aikawa
Sukehiro Tomita
Takao Yoshioka [NEW]
Tatsuhiko Urahata
Touko Machida

Writers with 3 or more:

Ichiro Okouchi (3)
Jukki Hanada (3)
Mari Okada (3)
Reiko Yoshida (3) [+]
Soji Yoshikawa (3)
Yasuko Kobayashi (3)

Fumihiko Shimo (4)
Yousuke Kuroda (4)

Notes on Writers:

-In a weird quirk, Takao Yoshioka rocketed onto the list, picking up a 10k from both a 2014 title (Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso) and one that the extended rankings pushed over the hump (High School DxD).
-Compared to composers, not a lot of movement for those already on the list. Reiko Yoshida advances to the still-fairly-exclusive 3+ club.

Directors with 2:

Akiyuki Shinbo
Goro Taniguchi
Hayao Miyazaki
Hideaki Anno
Hiroshi Nishikiori
Hiroyuki Imaishi
Junichi Sato
Kazuhiro Furuhashi
Manabu Ono [NEW]
Morio Asaka
Naokatsu Tsuda
Takahiro Omori
Tetsuro Araki
Yasuhiro Takemoto [NEW]

Directors with 3 or more:

Seiji Kishi (3)
Tatsuyuki Nagai (3)
Tsutomu Mizushima (3) [+]
Yoshiyuki Tomino (3)

Tatsuya Ishihara (5)

Notes on Directors:

-Fewer changes happened to this list than in either of the previous two categories. This is possibly because of the greater amount of time involved in supervising the overall direction of a series through 12 episodes. Composers who work on multiple shows each year are not uncommon, while directors who do so are exceedingly rare. Not coincidentally, 3 of the directors I know of who *do* have a record of doing more than an average of 2 new shows/year for an extended period are on this list (Shinbo, Kishi, and Mizushima).
-Ishihara’s record looks pretty damn safe from where I stand.
-With Mizushima’s advancement up the list, Shirobako counts towards every list this time around. Fun stuff.

3 thoughts on “Composers/Writers/Directors With Blockbuster Chops (Updated Through 2014)

    • Indications at the time I made the post were that it would drop off slowly. v1 was an event ticket volume, but the v2-v3 dropoff indicated the falloff would be slow rather than quick. If the average does drop below 10k, I can always update the post.

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