Fun With Numbers: Special Amazon Tracking Target List

Over the next 3 weeks, I’ll be tracking a few older, popular anime releases with entries in the OpusData database in an attempt to relate middle and low-tier amazon ranks with smaller increases in sales totals. The database seems to update concurrent with added individual weeks for BD and DVD formats on TheNumbers (which is run by the same company). The hope is that, when the sales figures update for the relevant week, I’ll know exactly when those sales happened and be able to put both an amazon number and a sales number on the same time period. Thus, I should be able to get as good an idea of how amazon ranks relate to total sales as I possibly can. We’ll see, though; this could just as easily result in nothing of value.

For transparency, here’s the list of 12 titles, 22 releases on my list. It’s rough, just the titles and their different editions, ranks on August 24th, and links to the amazon sales pages.

Evangelion: Ha
-BD [3723]
-DVD [16,836]

One Piece Strong World
-BD [7981]
-DVD [15,156]

One Piece Film Z
-BD [3696]
-DVD [31,329]

Attack on Titan: Part 2
-RE [1510]
-LE [21,016]
-CE [77,316]

-BD [21,105]

-DVD [26,510]

The Cat Returns
-BD [3282]

The Tale of Princess Kaguya
-BD [1309]
-DVD [1596]

The Wind Rises
-BD [793]
-DVD [1494]

From Up on Poppy Hill
-BD [4452]
-DVD [4141]

-BD [1024]
-DVD [359]

-BD [2577]
-DVD [2715]

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