First Reactions: Arata Kangatari Episode 5

The decision to add complexity to a character is a tricky one; there are as many ways to do it wrong and make a character flat as there are to do it right and make a character deeper. Arata Kangatari made some missteps this week, but is moving forward regardless.

It was a bit of a coincidence for Ginji’s family to happen to lie right along the party’s escape route. Nonetheless, the resulting situation, where Kanate was forced to separate with him so he could rejoin his family, was an interesting minor twist. It simultaneously hews away at the most potentially annoying party member and gives some considerable emotional depth to the one that remains (who now seems to have powers all his own).


And this was a good use of contrast

What I liked less about this episode was what it did with the villains, by establishing Kannagi as something approaching a nice guy to his subordinates, totally at odds with his portrayal throughout the first 3 episodes. I generally like it better when the villains are hateable or legitimately tormented, not two-faced personas who are incredibly nice to their close friends and incredibly dickish towards everyone else. Everything we learned about Kannagi this episode felt like a frail, token attempt to make him more sympathetic before unleashing Akachi, evidentially the real villain.


I feel a dull nothing when asked to feel sorry for him

The pacing of this show seemed to slow quite a bit this week, so I’m starting to dial down my expectations. There’s still definitely a decent show on screen every week, but it’s becoming a little more uncertain whether the staff will be able keep it above the line.

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