First Reactions: Muromi-san Episode 10

That the show opened with a bizarro dream sequence was interesting, a nice little noirish contrast with the rest of the show. It says something about the rich flavor of Muromi-san’s oddball comedy when a dream sequence about deep-frying and eating a mermaid is less bizarre than the rest of the show.


And they say fish can’t fry…

This show really is oddball, but it really does best in the bits where the punchline is something close to reality. Take the skits this week about recovering from a hangover or the one-way conversation between Muromi and Sumida where they plan to get the Kraken drunk. The jokes were also varied enough that they could last the episode; I liked how the last hangover barf gag was just a background detail.


Just like the real deal, it went out with a whimper rather than a bang

I think one of the reasons the down-to-earth dialogue that Muromi-san loves works so well is the fact that it’s taking place in a pretty well-developed world; stuff like Yeti’s visit to a Tibetian village and Muromi’s history with the Kraken gives the impression of a bunch of characters whose stories would be enjoyable if shown (though in this case they probably never will). Because of this, the absurd mythology, and how mundane it is to the entire cast sans Takuro, just kracks me up in so many different ways.


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