Animetics @ Ohayocon 2014 (and Panel Schedule)

If you’re not going to be at Ohayocon 2014, enjoy your weekend. If you are, look for us at any of the following panels:

Anime versus Manga: Adaptations Done Right and Wrong (Saturday, 6:30PM, Workshop 2)

-You can make a great anime with not-so-great-effort by just reproducing manga storyboards panel-by-panel. Despite what you might think, this is not a panel that complains about how accurately plot points were reproduced in a given series. Instead, we talk about the real differences between manga (as an irregularly storyboarded, read-at-your-own-pace medium) and anime (as a fixed-pace, audio/visual medium) using several specific scenes as examples.

The Golden Age of Late-Night Anime (Saturday, 9:30PM, Panel 4)

-An oral reproduction of my sea-changes article, with more visual aids and more focus on the benefits of having lots of TV anime.

The Myth of Fanservice (Saturday, 11:30PM, Panel 2)

-A one-hour refutation of the ideas that a) series with obnoxious boobies sell better than those without, b) series with obnoxious boobies are new, and c) artsy, innovative series don’t sell well. I highly recommend this particular panel, though you’ve probably seen these sentiments expressed before on this blog in more meticulous detail.

Manga Japanese Critics Love (Sunday, 10AM, Workshop 1)

-Descriptions of every manga to win the general category of the Kodansha Manga Award and Shogakukan Manga Award since 2000, plus a selection from the Boys/Girls/Kids Categories. Whether you’re coming or not, check either one of those lists and you’re 95% sure to find an interesting new read.

The Man Behind the Nose: A Noboyuki Fukumoto Primer (Sunday, 1:30PM, Workshop 1)

-Skip the previous panel, just read Tenna Toori Kaidanji. This panel is the one-hour pitch for Japan’s most accomplished gambling mangaka.

Jojo’s Bizarre Panel (Sunday, 3:30PM, Panel 2)

-Uber-expert Sam and I break down one of our favorite battle manga franchises, and rank our favorite stands. My personal list? Pearl Jam at number 1, Pearl Jam at number 2, and Sex Pistols at number 3.

2 thoughts on “Animetics @ Ohayocon 2014 (and Panel Schedule)

  1. Hey guys, I was at the Golden-Age of Late Night panel and sorta just found my way here via Googling after the show. It was interesting. I regret not making it to the Manga panel Sunday morning.

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