Fun With Numbers: Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods Sold 24,689 Copies in Week 3

More sales data, as is kind of expected at this point. DBZ: BoG sold a total of 24,689 copies (18,296 BDs+BDDVD combo packs, with the remainder being DVD versions) on the week of October 20-26, bringing its cumulative total to 144,981 copies sold. As with the previous week, these numbers handily surpass what would be expected from amazon ranks alone, as the best ranks its amazon versions had over that span were 121st and 988th.

Next week’s data should also be interesting, as the final volume of Hellsing Ultimate ranked well enough to be a likely candidate to make the charts, spending all of the weeks before and during its release in (mostly low) triple digits.

Data is currently available here, and is screencapped after the jump.

BD+DVD Combined:


BD Only:


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