Fun With Numbers: Spirited Away’s BD Release Sold 38,757 Copies on Week 1

Short post to note that Spirited Away was re-released in Blu-Ray format recently, and more importantly that said release sold 38,757 copies in its first week. I have amazon data for that week – the release was in the top 10 for the entire 6 days it was available for sale.

Two meta-points about the data – this release did worse than the most recent DBZ movie (62,146 BD copies), which was more consistently ranking in the top 50 rather than the slightly-more-illustrious top 10. My go-to explanation for this discrepancy is that DBZ came out in the middle of the general glut of Summer blockbusters coming out on home video that is the Fall release season. It’s a real thing that studios want their big titles out in advance of the Christmas buying season: 38 of the top 50 grossing BD titles of all time came out between August and September. This probably doesn’t affect the rank-sales relation as much in the thousands, but it could be a pretty big deal in the hundreds and definitely in the double and single-digit zones. It’s a pain to account for this so I’m going to avoid it unless I absolutely have to later. *kicks can the eff down the road*

Secondly, this release got a 50% off discount for a few days in the next week of tracking, which caused it to spend several days in the actual #1 spot in its second week out. We’ll see how that plays into its odds of ranking (and or additional sales) in the next week.

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