Fun With Numbers: Vampire Hunter D’s Rerelease Sold 536 Copies in Week 4

Vampire Hunter D’s rerelease sold 476 BDs and 60 DVDs in its fourth week on sale (9/14/2015-9/20/2015), for a total of 536 copies sold. That’s down 31% from last week. This brings the 4-week total to 4651 copies sold.

A source pic is included after the jump.


2 thoughts on “Fun With Numbers: Vampire Hunter D’s Rerelease Sold 536 Copies in Week 4

    • No way to confirm an exact figure, no. Nash Info services, the only semi-consistent source we have when it comes to US hv sales, is mainly a movie tracking company and doesn’t typically do TV shows (tho we got one-time lucky with Attack on Titan part 2). I checked and “Tokyo Ghoul” and “Tōkyō Gūru” both turn up zilch in the Opus DB. Nash will sometimes just not track obscure TV at all, so the fact that the BD sales threshold for the week was 4432 copies doesn’t really mean anything for TG:

      I could speculate based on ranks, but that’d be mostly guesswork comparing with other releases. The LE averaged around #150 for week 1, so maybe you’re looking at Vampire Hunter D as a comp. 2000 copies as a soft floor, plus maybe 1000 to 2000 more based on how much better funi’s storefront is compared to Section 23? RE averaged around #5000 on amazon for its release week and that’s similar to Eva:Ha’s BD performance, somewhere around 60 copies plus 120 more for preorders and possible early storefront? *None of these numbers outside of the ranks are at all for sure.*

      Also, week 1 sales is a limited predictor of success, since US shows pick up crazy long tails – Attack on Titan’s 1-year total is about 8 times its 1-week total. The LE is still ranked #603 about 3 weeks post-release, so at the very least it’s not falling off quickly.

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