The Attack on Titan TV Series Has Sold at Least 200,000 Copies in the U.S.

…And the Final Fantasy XV opened with 62,727 BDs sold (I didn’t track it because it’s not under amazon’s “Anime” tag, but that’s obviously not bad).

There’s new information on the U.S. anime sales long-term front. The BD sales chart for the week ending in October 9, 2016, is out, carrying with it a couple of pieces of juicy info buried beneath probable errors in Nash Info Services’ quality control.


First of all, let me explain why the raw figure on the chart (131,885) is odd. There are two disks on amazon entitled “Attack on Titan: Part 1”: the July 2014 release of the TV series, and the October 4, 2016 release of the live-action movie. It’s implausible but not impossible that the TV series sold 30k while the movie sold less than 8k. The release is listed as having been on the charts for 123 weeks, roughly 2.5 years. This matches with the first appearance of the charts of the TV anime, when it sold over 11k in its opening week.

Absent a label distinguishing the two releases by years, I have to assume it’s possible both releases are being counted into the same total. But since the live-action p1 wasn’t out before this, we can give the anime p1 a minimum total of 97,176 copies sold over 2 years. We knew p2 of the anime sold 105,043 copies as of March 2016, so this puts the series’ lifetime total at a minimum of 202,219. That’s a lot, even if it did take 2-odd years to accumulate.


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