First Reactions: Muromi-san Episode 9

It’s pretty clever that this show waited until the episode dealing with aliens to take a page from Japan’s most popular sci-fi franchise. A little bit of Doraemon flavor goes a long way.


Plus, the gags are all stretched to just the right length

Takuro is increasingly becoming a manipulative, shrewd fish handler, making full use of his lures and equipment to figure out the many mysteries surrounding Muromi. It’s a good way to slowly modify the dynamic between the two characters to a more equal one. Not to mention it can always be played as a double-blind battle of [half-]wits, which is usually entertaining to watch unfold.


Your brain on curiosity

Wiseman’s body language is so jiggly. It was dynamic enough to overcome the fact that his dialogue was kind of generic. Well, that and the fact that he has the voice of Pico Norton. His introduction was great fun to watch, emblematic of the high-energy feeling the show normally gives. And he made a great crazy comedy partner for Yeti to boot.


He was, I dare say, on fire

This show is built around character intro gags right now, and that’s all well and good. Still, I find myself more and more hoping it gets a second season; it could do some pretty crazy gags with the continuity it’s introduced thus far and some more time to prepare.

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