Fall 2013 Anime I Dropped: What, When, and Why

To me, anime is a hobby whose primary purpose is trading free time to for entertainment. So I’m always ready to drop shows that aren’t providing a fair return on that 20 minutes a week, in order to use the time on discovering classics, rediscovering the contents of my hardcopy disk collection, or just doing actual work. These are the Fall 2013 shows that prompted that decision.

Galilei Donna (Episode 2)
-This show was nothing more than a showcase of shallow, one-dimensional characters and a generic sci-fi setting obsessed with little more than its own terminology.

Kill La Kill (Episode 2)
-As much as I looked forward to it, this show quickly showed itself to be a hollow imitation of various too-excessive anime. Generic was the last thing I expected it to feel like, but all the dialogue felt like it came from a can.

Tokyo Ravens (Episode 3)
-Despite a promising intro, TR had incredibly poor understanding of the fact that 3DCG is not a toy.

Coppelion (Episode 4)
-This may actually be the best Wednesday show from Fall, but the other two were more promising at the time I had to pick between them. Easily the show with the highest odds of me going back and finishing.

Strike the Blood (Episode 9)
-Like Coppelion, I liked this one. I just didn’t like it enough to go out of my way to catch up with it once I got behind.

Kyousogiga (Episode 9)
-As hard as I was on Kyoukai no Kanata, Kyousogiga jumped off a much steeper cliff in its latter half. It went from brilliant bits of introspective character development to wordy explanations of why 13 is an unlucky number of spiritual planes to have. I could not bring myself to watch the final episode.

Hajime no Ippo: The Rising (Episode 9)
-It’d be worth watching Satoshi Nishimura adapt this portion of the series. Not so much Jun Shishido. Unlike Kuroko’s Basketball and Ace of the Diamond, where the anime have their own particular flavors, Ippo’s third season is just a flatline paint-by-numbers adaptation.

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