Poll: Kicking Around a Bunch of TL Prospects

As of last Friday, I was only about 40% done with my little vanity translation project. Now it’s at about 80-something and progressing rapidly. I would be legitimately shocked at this point if it weren’t up by, at the latest, the end of next weekend. This project involved about 20,000 characters worth of Japanese and will probably cash out in the neighborhood of 6000-7000 words if my fuzzy math is right. In the course of working on it, I’ve been able to streamline the hell out of my process and I’m itching to try it out on something smaller-scale.

Since my current “short anime/manga articles I want to take a stab at” list is about 50 deep, I thought I’d toss this one to the crowd. Here’s a list of 10 articles, with links, that I’d be super-hype to translate after finishing my current thing. I’ve googled all of them to check and I don’t believe any has been done yet, so they should all be fresh. And a there’s a poll so you can vote, of course. I’ll definitely translate whichever article gets the most votes, and anything that gets votes I’ll think about doing. Poll will stay open until I finish my current project, and then I’ll get cracking on the leader.

Cooking with Otoyomegatari’s Mori Kaoru (Comic Natalie)

Choi Eun-Young and Yuasa Masaaki on Adventure Time’s Food Chain Episode (Anime! Anime!)

Kumeta Kouji on Joshiraku (Comic Natalie)

Director Fujikawa Yuusuke on Nobunaga Concerto’s anime (Comic Natalie)

Author Shinkyu Chie on Wakakozake (Comic Natalie)

Author Sakisaka Io on Ao Haru Ride (Comic Natalie)

Satou Junichi on M3 (Anime! Anime!)

Asano Inio on Madoka Magica Rebellion (Comic Natalie)

Amachu! anime staff comments (Official Site)

Ishiguro Kyouhei and Koala Mode on Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso (Comic Natalie)

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