Via Anime Insider: Chrono Crusade Sales Totals (June 2004)

In a very interesting claim, Gonzo Marketing Manager Kanna Tamada-Nielsen mentions that the first volume of the Chrono Crusade anime sold in excess of 20,000 copies (well in excess – her claim was that it reached that figure in preorders a month before the April release of the Japanese v1). This is *way* off from the 4332 volumes the Japanese sales wiki says it sold.

This is perhaps a typo or a mistranslation, but it seems odd that Tamada Nielsen would proudly claim a preorder total of, say, 2000 – that’s not something you boast about, even back then. Something’s list of contrasting claims pegs the biggest Oricon-distributer discrepancies at >45% for known cases. If accurate, this number would represent an Oricon ranking that only covered about ~22% of total sales for that volume at best. That’s a *huge* underestimation.

I’m not sure what to make of this from just the one statement, but I’ll be looking into this some more, and will definitely post if I find anything.

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